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Eva, the first mother of the humanity and seductress in the paradise, stands for the soul and the sensuousness, with men also for the 'female' portion of the psyche. Trivially one can understand the symbol as a warning before an erotic seduction. Deeper goes the interpretation if one sees in it the request to admit the psychic needs (above all feelings) more (this is often valid particularly for men). Also heightening of awareness, self-knowledge, willpower and decision-making power becomes sometimes clear in Eva.



  • one wants to entice you to the wrong.


  • you in the dream indicates to see that very soon one, probably erotic, desirable image will come true. The dreaming should be open and appropriate the position to want to enjoy to conquer the life and to want to enjoy.

(European ones).:

  • Adam with fig leaf and Eva with the queue see around the hips and abdomen: Malice and false faith influence her destiny,
  • Eva with the queue hear talking or see: sly women will do to your prosperity and call harm,
  • young woman means, she embodies Eva: Temptation by the Bad, in the form of a young attractive man and she pays the price with non-existence for it.


  • see ancestress: Worry and grief will load you.
(See also Adam)

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