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Etymology (apprenticeship of the origin of the words)


One may not hold the real meaning of the proper names in view of the interpretation for insignificant. Since if with luck-promising predictions on account of the remaining circumstances names of good premeaning seem, they make the luck even more perfect, - with disastrous prophecies they reduce the misfortune and weaken it. Names of bad premeaning against it which are opposed to our wishes increase on the one hand the evil, on the other hand, they diminish the blessing. Often one can already meet on the basis of the proper names only a prediction. Thus prevent, e.g., Menon, Mekrates and Kratinos (literally: the enduring, the steadfast, the winner) starting a trip, Zenon, Zenophilos and Theodoros (literally: the Zeus's son, the Zeus's lover, the God-given) sick people give the courage, - cirque bottoms, Elpidiphoros and Eutychos (literally: the successful, the hope bringer, the happy (= Felix)) good income promises. Thrason, Thrasylos and Trasymachos (literally: the daring, the determined whom remind daring fighters) muntern to the action on and, not to hesitate. Also one must meet with the women's names the interpretation. (For Greeks and Romans was the name of special importance. One gave to a child a very luck-promising name which should protect all welfare him for his future. It are numerous the Greek one. The names which call something beauty, strong, nice thing.) The fact that many interpretations from the real meaning of the words are to be won, you can see from the following. The grammarian Menekrates told the following dream experience: One which wished children dreamt, he meets his debtor, gets back the borrowed Darlehn and handed to that one receipt about that from. As far as the dream face. He continued that the man because to him none of the interpreters of dreams could lay out the face in Alexandreia, in his desperation what may mean then the dream face prayed to Sarapis, he may decipher to him the riddle. And it seemed to him, the God says in the dream: 'You will have no children.' Then who issues a receipt, receives no interest, however, interest is called also the newborn child (wordplay: Tokos means interest as well as child). Remember that the real meaning of luck-promising words is unreliable if not also the material connection runs out to the same. Thus dreamt, e.g., the lawyer Paulus (Julius Paulus who was (in 222-235 A.D. an important lawyer)) under Septimus Severus or Caracalla, but also under Alexander Severus when he carried on a lawsuit before the emperor, certain Nikon (Nikon = winner) legal adviser performs it to him. Nevertheless, this Nikon was before times once in a process before the emperor put under. However, Paulus paid attention only to the name, while to him the dream face indicated his conviction quite of course and consistently because Nikon had lost the process.

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