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(Totality of the people who hold high-powered places in a modern social order and aim at the preservation of the existing order)


The concept 'Establishment' for the institutions and forces which embody authority, legitimacy, tradition and the status quo has got, in the meantime, a disparaging-negative evaluation. Dreams of the establishment or of somebody who embodies it have in common something with the authority's people. Where, nevertheless, an authority's person teaches rather to be anarchistic or disobedient, the establishment figure will warn rather about the disadvantageous results of non-conformist and unusual behaviour. Dreams in those a lawyer, officer or policeman seems, are rather echo of establishment behaviour than embodiment of authority. If one is aware particularly of a 'respectable' well-arranged behaviour or of appearance of somebody in the dream which shows a contrast to own negligence expressly or by his behaviour, then one must presumably pay attention stronger than up to now to the appearance and also lay more attention to the whole behaviour which disturbs others or irritates. Even if one believes to represent now the true feelings or phenomena, one does not weaken his respect at all if one simply does not dismiss established views. A tolerance against other opinions is quite in general a better base for the contact with dissenters than intolerance. (See also under 'authority's person')

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