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Association: - Food, - satisfaction, - pleasure. Question: - Which part of myself do I feed?


If absorption of nutrients in the dream plays a role, this can be a tip to the fact that the dreaming lacks a basic nutrient or a feedback in the life. In the dream food stands in general for need satisfaction. Food can appear in the dream as a physical signal if one is really hungry, - then the sleep should be protected by the false satisfaction in the dream. Dreams with meals often also appear during a slimness cure or fasting cure as well as with people with addiction-like eating disturbances (anorexia, Eß-Brechsucht) and point in the last cases to the psychic backgrounds which can be analysed as a rule, however, only by the therapist. In the figurative sense food can stand for the annexation of experiences, knowledge and spiritual values. According to the accompanying circumstances food can still have the following meaning:
  • a dream of food can be looked as a good sign, particularly if you ate and became full.
  • The quality of the dishes and drinks in the dream and your feelings to them are important for the interpretation of your dream. For example, a dream in which you eat rests can show that you live on the most necessary. Think about the quality and quantity of the 'ingredients' of the life with which you can enrich your awake life, and how these can be procured.
  • a decent meal or a tasty snack which were taken with pleasure to themselves can reveal a deep feeling of the satisfaction with your life. One also indicates the faith that good times approach you or that the foundation was laid for future profit.
  • of dreams of heavy food like cream sauces and chocolate should be signs of the extravagance. How you felt with food
? Did you have feelings of guilt because of quality or amount or did you eat with pleasure?
  • Insatiably to eat or to drink, the 'ravenous' side of your personality can express, reflect unfulfilled needs and maybe provide the feeling to be unbeloved on itself put or. Such dreams can also emphasise the fear that momentary good times of short duration can be and must be enjoyed, as long as it still goes.
  • Richly only food devours quickly acquisitiveness and lacking sympathy often registers for others.
  • paltry food which does not taste can point out to the fact that one achieves a low success in which one cannot be glad, - feelings of guilt are also sometimes expressed in it.
  • consolation food from child days can show the longing to return at easier times.
  • invitation for food should point to forthcoming troubled times.
  • then
  • Going it in the dream about the fact that he does not eat or refuses the absorption of nutrients indicates this one avoid from growth and change, so against something in our life which it is a matter to overcome. Maybe the dreaming tries to keep away from other people or to isolate himself. Or, however, the dreaming is discordant with himself because he is discontented with his body.
  • One tries to remember what one has eaten in the dream to draw from it his conclusions, because the dream food is often to be equated with the spiritual food which could come away us and after which one crowds voraciously.
  • Some dream analysts, believe that biting off and masticating in a dream with sensuous pleasures is connected. Can overeat on an emotional or practical strain in the life of the dreaming point. Scanty amounts can register against the fact that the dreaming feels currently suppressed and needs some 'food'. Of which kind food or drinking were in the dream - they were known or strange
  • Becoming the dreaming in his dream consumes, symbolises this his knowledge that he is consumed by his own feelings and fears or by that of the other people.
  • by a wild animal to be eaten, concludes by the fact that the dreaming is 'eaten up' by his own animal nature.
  • The surroundings in which the dreaming ate or drank - for example, a social occasion - can reflect the aspects in the life of the dreaming which need attention or spiritual food.
  • The purchase of food can express the hidden temptation 'to buy' the attention or sympathy more different to themselves.
  • dreams about yellow food like pasta or vanilla sauce can show cowardice.


It means: The person is what he eats', and, hence, the dreaming at the spiritual level should take the best food to himself which he can get.


It is to be eaten nobody good in the dream stars, except to seers and astronomers, - this it means good salary and increase in property, - to all others it prophesies the death. To eat from his own meat brings poor luck, - he will come by physical work and strain to big property and not live in this manner though on his meat, probably, however, from the salary of his meat. From good premeaning it is more distant for a foreman if he eats of those body parts by which he earns excellently his living, - namely work one with both hands, other only with one, third with the fingertips, again other with the whole body. For belletrists it is good if they give to eat mouth and tongue to others, - they will acquire by mouth and tongue a lot of money and be so able to grant also other maintenance. If one consumes his own mouth or his own tongue, he will lose his speech ability. It means private individuals to remorse for cheeky speeches. A woman who eats from own meat will go whoring and live in this manner by own body. It announces everybody which has a friend or narrow relative or beloved person on the sickbed grief, - then mourning consume her own meat, while they disfigure themselves in pain. It announces an empire and everybody which leads his life completely by wish nothing good if he eats of own meat, - it means a complete circulation of the life-style and the property relations of the dreaming just as food of own excrement. A man who had three sons dreamt, two of them slaughtered him and consumed his meat, however, the latest one comes, makes to the other reproaches serious to both, would be completely knocked down and says full loathing: 'I touch from the father nothing.' It met that his latest son died, - then he alone should not get not possibly from the meat, but from the property of the father his part, while he parted before this from the life and was not heir to him. The others, however, which had eaten inherited the fatherly property.


(arab.): see: announced deceitful intentions, - (47, 82)
  • take to himself: watch out for illness,
  • see themselves with others with a luxuriant meal: one should moderate his hedonism,
  • see themselves with others with a poor meal: one will have to suffer from pains which are added to one of friendly or even beloved people,
  • are invited to it: honourary attention,
  • good dishes: you will have no need,
  • bad dishes: Discontent, - illness,
  • eat outside: Indisposition,
  • see the burnt: there is honest fire risk,
  • refuse: one would like to step aside to every change of the living conditions,
  • only smell: bad news stands in the house.
(pers.): To eat in the dream or to watch somebody with food a secure social position announces, provided that you perceive now your possibilities and act accordingly. The sign recommends to introduce itself more deliberately in the circulation of the life, to be more courageous and to venture more and bigger and to act. (European ones.): either emergency dream or substitute with aversion against food in the guard, - one feels sexually dissatisfied and hungry, -
  • eat: points to loss and melancholy mood,
  • dine in a big board: Wish for more sociability,
  • in society: may count on pleasant commercial climate and successful enterprises,
  • carries away the daughter the meat platter, before one with eat is ready: Annoyance or problems with the subordinates agree, - the same is valid if this a waiter acts (in),
  • others see eating: if joy and success lets in enterprises expect,
  • the burnt: if Li> brings disagreeable news,
  • eat very in a great hurry: if brings health,
  • take only a plentiful one: one comes along by a recklessness or a lack of sympathy unpopular,
  • take a paltry one: one feels about some remorse,
  • eat and do not become full: says that one must renounce all wealth,
  • want to take one, but find to eat nothing: if a change brings in the life,
  • eat fruit: indicates at kisses which one receives with pleasure.
(ind.): are invited: troubled times become apparent, -
  • see: Invitation,
(See also 'food / care', 'disgust', 'breakfast', 'hunger', 'masticating', 'meal' and under single animal fruit kinds and vegetable kinds)

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