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Recognizably erotic dreams gave to many men and women of the 19th century great fear, because they believed, such dreams are the cause of illnesses on body and soul. Today they are looked as a rule as a desirable fulfilment or as a valve for sexual tensions. An inadmissible simplification, all evident sexual dreams would be to be seen as products of the desirable fulfilment or sexual frustration. Many find such dreams disconcerting, above all when they indicate wishes or perversions whose ours is not aware awake-I. For example, sees itself somebody who has an aversion against homosexuality, in the dream sometimes excites from a member of own gender, - Puritans both kinds of gender can take pleasure in pornography, - or somebody, to the sadism a horror is, sees itself acting in the dream sadistically. It is important to remember that not somebody stranger forces upon us the dreams, these are our own dreams. If we take in the dream pleasure in a form of sexual activity which abhors ours awake-I, this could conclude by the fact that there is a part of our being which does not take so much impulse in this activity as we believe. A such dream could admonish ours awake-I to more understanding and calmness compared with other sexual behaviour patterns than we are ordinarily confident. Unless erotic dreams are felt as a heavy load (in this case a psychiatrist should be consulted), because there is no reason them not to enjoy also how any other imagination in the sleep also.



  • longing for love.
(See also 'sexuality')

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