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medicine wheel:

Key words: Clarification, - holy energy, - creator, - truth, - deep understanding, - intuitive knowledge, - eastern soul path. Description: In the medicine wheel the internal position of the eastern soul path is connected with the quality enlightenment. In addition, to her belong the mineral lime spavin, the plant wild American ginseng, the animal to glowworm and the colour fluorescent blue. Light tells to illuminate create. General meaning: Harmony with the life produce, - to radiate understanding of own creativity and her expression, - the ability, - the ability, to confide in other truth than one has learnt. Association: Sudden understanding. Transcendent meaning: Gift of deep understanding, - 1 step there to the clarification.


With the dream of the enlightenment one must make a distinction between naive and regressive belief in miracles and the longing for clarity, freedom and redemption. It is to be asked with this dream symbol first whether does not take I here too importantly. What do you do then for the enlightenment? If one looks, nevertheless, at the consciousness aspect of the enlightenment and considers as an effort towards clarity, bigger freedom and redemption of obstructive automatisms, one should evaluate the appearance of this dream symbol as a stimulus for a heightening of awareness. Nevertheless, besides, the humility is not to be forgotten.

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