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Earth (element)


Earth - the basic element generally - reminds us of the fact that we are mortal. Fire can animate us, waters refresh, air inspire, however, nevertheless, finally we return to the earth. In the dream earth means not only the old beginnings of the humanity, but also the depths of our unconscious. People those of earth dream, feel mostly as disagreeable. The dreams in which one sees burying himself in earth, mud or sand or with the ditch or burrowing in the earth are often very disconcerting. It is important to have a look at the context of the dream closer.
  • The earth symbolises the search for affiliation and social order.
  • in the earth dig points out to the fact that one can get on himself and the instantaneous life situation only from the experiences of the past which form as it were the roots, - even further goes the interpretation if one sees in it the tip to the collective unconscious in which all people have rooted, - this can ask to investigate the unconscious better and to use former experiences.
  • Who digs up earth in the dream, wants to strengthen in the awake life his position, penetrate deeper into the things.
  • eat earth (with many primitive races a ritual custom) maybe announces that a longing will come true, - the need for strength and energy often appears in it also by natural attachment. also: One should look more after earthly instead of searching unreal at cloud cuckoo's home.
  • of tractable, soft surface of the earth puts the connection here to the washing of the dreaming to be mothered, or to his need for skin contact.
  • on bare hard earth can sit or lie warn about a forthcoming illness which one can still prevent, however if one prevents on time.
  • deep brown or black earth often announces grief and worries.
  • orange earth shows a positive trip - in connection with work and colleagues.
  • from the earth (for example, to the grave) climb points to mental-spiritually advancement if one is based on the present experiences.



  • see opening: heavy times, - you will get informal quarrel,
  • see open and doing fire from the columns: happy changes in your business matters and performances,
  • shovel: your successful possibilities are obvious,
  • dig: forthcoming burial,
  • dig hole in the ground: you find a treasure and a great love,
  • fill up hole in the ground: you have recognised the danger and prevent,
  • dig up: sends a reminder to persevering diligence, then one will increase his possession, - however, Li> also warns about stubborness, - professional success,
  • dig up a little bit (like a fruit) with: It did not go any more further in spite of your strains, now, however, your time has come. Success.
  • lie on it: Incommodities approach, particularly in health regard,
  • pitch-black: soon receive a funereal message or professionally find out big bad luck,
  • go: you will be able to be founded a house,


  • in the dream on the earth tells to lie that sad news, will probably arrive from the death of a beloved person. To see covered earth, lets pleasing profits expect. The sign wants to urge to remember again of the everlasting circulation of the nature and to aim at a more natural life.

(European ones).:

  • black (burnt ones) see: if brings grief and grief,
  • gets dark on 1 acre: should be luck-promising,
  • yellow or from the sun see lighted: if loyal friends and luck tell generally in,
  • pouting ones: if a burial,
  • announces
  • dig up: by diligence professional ones is successful and a sure income achieve,
  • work in it, dig: indicates a profit, - one looks for the roots in own past,
  • on naked earth sit and feel cold: one should pay attention to his health,
  • on the earth lie and take a solar bath: one will well have a good time on an excursion,
  • on bare earth lie: is valid for grief,
  • climb from it: the crisis comes to an end, the personality will develop and renew at the same time.


  • Dreaming one, the earth speaks and talks with him, becomes all world to such an extent as it to the miraculous borders that the earth can talk above which luck goods and the blessing are surprised which runs towards the dreamer, - the emperor will live after this face long and subject his enemies in miraculous manner without war and take her country in possession. If one reminds itself that the words of the earth concerned worldly things, the joy which they mean will come true indeed for him, however, they sent a reminder because of sins and offences, the latter are meant without doubt, - therefore, the dreaming should fear God and give up his bad actions. If he does not remember any more the words, the intimated joy and expectation of body and soul will be lower.
  • see illuminated: good friendship,
  • brown: the times change faster than you think,
  • eat: your longing will soon come true,
  • work on: your family will get increase.
(See also ditch,' sea tortoise')

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