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(For young Athenians the military Ephebendienst began with 18 years. Originally two-year-old, he was shortened later for a year, the military education withdrew. The Ephebe carried short hair during the business hours, he was uniformed with a big hat (petasos) and short, black coat (chlamys). In the imperial time the linguistically literary education provided the Ephebie beside the sporty practise. It became a privilege for sons of rich parents.)


If a slave dreams, he does the Ephebendienst, he will attain the freedom because this is open according to the law only to open air. It means to every craftsman and Rhetor for the duration of one year of unemployment and idleness, - then of the Ephebe a whole year must hold the right hand under the Chlamys and can operate them neither for the work nor for gesticulating during the speech, still he may show them. A year, I said, because of the duration of the Ephebendienstes. If he amounts somewhere else three years, the interpretation is to be met in view of the local regulation. A trip thwarts this dream face and leads back that who stays away from home, in the native country, - then of the Ephebe must remain in the country. To an unmarried it prophesies the marriage, - then according to the law one puts on the Chlamys, according to the law one enters the marriage. Is of the Chlamys knows, he will marry dreaming a free-born, she is black, a released, - is purple they, a woman who is, however, from nobler parentage than he himself, in no case a slave. If somebody looks this dream face which wishes children or which already has a son, not he himself will do, but his son the Ephebendienst. To an old and highly elderly man this dream face prophesies the death and law dispraiser it transfers, - against it it promises to people, they upright trade and change do help. Since the Ephebendienst is almost the graduation of a well-arranged and healthy lifestyle. For a competitor it is before the licensing to the competition a bad sign because it announces the exclusion him because of excess of the age step, - it does not last because long, and the Ephebe becomes the man. It means to a wrestler who denies competitions that he will not line up on time to the competition, - and if he lines up that he will not take part in the competition, - then Epheben do not take part in competitions beyond her country. (See the also 'military')

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