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If the dreaming beheads in the dream action or witness of a decapitation becomes, this is not so awful as it seems at first sight. With it it can be also explained, which is why the dreaming feels the decapitation neither as painful, nor as especially ghastly: this vision is the graphic conversion of the expression of the 'Kopfloswerdens'. It means that the dreaming to itself ideally in a certain situation trickled away has and admonishes him to come again to the meditation and not to lose the overview about the whole. Decapitation sends a reminder now and again quite trivially to act not dishonourable or to be recognised as a weakling, but to consider before long enough. Own decapitation announces in general incommodities in the private area or in the professional life for the next time. Also the loss of aim images and values which one followed up to now as leading ideas of the life plan is expressed in it in particular cases. Then the unconscious often wants to make us clear that we should animate our deliberate existence with another setting, with new thoughts to be able to exist psychically before ourselves. If one watches with the decapitation of another, one will experience maybe soon a painful separation of a being close person.


If one dreams of being headed - as a result of a judicial judgment, by robber's hand, in the gladiatorial fight or in any way: this makes no difference - threatens that, which parents, and to that which children has, misfortune. The head resembles the parents because it is the cause of the life, - to the children because of the resemblance of the expression. Some lost her wife, a friend and a good house supervisor after this dream experience, and they lacked from then on a reliable person who would have had a watchful eye on her having and property. A house-owner came around his house, - then the head is, so to speak, the house of the senses. If everything owns, however, this together, the dream face comes true of course not in each of the mentioned respect, but after my experience only in view of the person which the dreaming estimates mostly whom he loves and which particularly is close to him. From good premeaning this dream experience is for that who is involved in a process with which it is about the neck, - then all events which occur only once, impossibly, however, the second spot, will not be realised if they have happened in the dream any more. They have occurred already in the dream face. Banker, to Glšubigern, Eranarchen, to shipowners, great businessmen and all who drive money threatens, because of the Gleichnamigkeit, loss of the capital. For same reason it is favorable for debtors. Who lives away from home, will return in the native country, and win somebody who carries on a lawsuit around land the same. If the head has cleared out because, he falls to the earth, remains lying there and prepares for the remaining body no more torment. A slave who enjoys the confidence of his man will lose this, - then nobody is beheaded before the conviction, and no 'headless' enjoys confidence, - nevertheless, we call one which has lost his civil right a 'headless'. To all other remaining slaves the dream face promises the freedom, - then the head is man over the body, - he is beaten off, the slave is separated from his man and be free therefore. Nevertheless, many were sold only to other men. In processes around the civil right or around outstanding debts the dream face prophesies conviction, - the reason for it is obvious. If has somebody whom to the sea this dream experience goes, it means the loss of the sail pole, except, the dreaming belongs to the ship people. In this case it prophesies after my experience the death of her superiors. However, there stands about the rower the supervisor about the rowers, about this the untercoxswain, about this the upper coxswain, about the upper coxswain of the shipowners. Concerning the businessmen and passengers, however, one can call the sail pole head (The ship is for Greeks and Roman symbol of the person, involuntarily he compares the single parts of the ship to the limbs of the person.). I know somebody to whom it dreamt, he has been decapitated, - he was a Greek, attained the Roman civil right and lost in this manner his former name and his former social position. Thus somebody dreamt, he would have been decapitated. Here the case entered that the father died who, like the head for the whole body, the originator of his life and Webens was.



  • are beheaded: Fear, misery and unhappy chances, - also: you forget the care and one takes away from you something precious,
  • see: an enemy will be put out of action.

(European ones).:

  • check of the present life settings to certain processes,
  • see: Overcoming an enemy or creation of a new enemy,
  • are present: if finding again of some longest means to lost,
  • of a friend or being close person: if brings separation of a dear person,
  • are beheaded: big surprise, - if pain, besides, this one illness tells in, - without pain: one will suffer from disgrace and degradation,
  • carry out: if blood, besides, one will win a process or a discussion, - if without blood or if the beheaded comes to life again one cannot put out of action an enemy in spite of all efforts.


  • are beheaded: Fear and disagreeable things will enter in your house.
(See also amputation, head, operation)

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