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She always deals something with the rebirth, with new knowledge. With men she can mean the birth of a new idea or a private conversion by which one will get on. If the exemption runs easily, we can hope for breaking a very positive period in which to us nearly everything will succeed. A heavy exemption against it promises loss, this can be missing a plan or an enterprise or the separation of a person. Exemption mostly has the same meaning like birth. With women she points generally to the painful development of own personality, on a happy new relation or to the refusal to a fragile old person. Also she should ask herself whether she longs currently for becoming pregnant. If this is the case, it concerns a classical desirable fulfilment dream. If one just tries with his partner to get a baby, the dream could inform prematurely that one is pregnant - dreams know the diagnosis apparently sometimes earlier than every doctor. However, the dream baby stands rather for something in the awake life: something that one has created, a recently acquired possession on which one hangs very much, or even a carefully worked out future project. Old dream books interpret the exemption of a boy as an informal luck, a girl for the coming worries and disappointments.



  • hopes will be realised, - big difficulties, but also great success.
  • a happy exemption: a long-preserved wish will come true,
  • a heavy exemption: if the separation of something dear-become means ahead.

(European ones).:

  • is valid as a discharge of the body and the organs and, hence, is to be understood as a sort of purge,
  • indicates the fulfilment of a heart's desire,
  • of a happy one are present: meant luck and joy,
  • of a boy: Luck in shops, - a girl: painful experiences,
  • of an unhappy one are present: Pain and misery,
  • own: if one sees the born child, means the profit and discharge of many griefs and worries,
  • own painful or unhappy ones: if means illness,
  • with stillbirth: Misery.


  • are present: is anxious of your honour,
  • are released from a boy: you gain bad experience,
  • of a girl: happy family life.
(See also birth)

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