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Symbolises intentions, plans and feelings which mature in us, but yet have not completely become conscious. The wish for security (in the womb) and an immature personality can sometimes also stand behind it which avoids responsibility for itself, - then the symbol requests to the personal advancement. With the dream of an embryo an extremely vulnerable part of his personality becomes conscious by the dreaming. Maybe the dreaming also himself draws the attention of himself to a new situation in his life which is not yet more than the notion of an idea, so with the point in which everything begins. Possibly he must deal with the process of the realisation at his beginning.


At the spiritual level an embryo is the core of the being and, hence, the centre of the creation.



  • new plans and enterprises.

(European ones).:

  • indicates a new feeling or a new idea, - also: hope which one carries in himself will come true if one remains patient and rushes nothing.

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