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Elf (mythical figure) can embody the unconscious as an old reason of impulses, feelings, energy and consciousness. From it conclusions infuse themselves on what moves a person and worries. Not seldom elf also expresses the need for romantic love relationships. Who dreams of her, would also like to take off like they and can fly, playfully and weightlessly: a typical Realitätsfluchttraum in a phase of the excessive demand. The longing for the ease of the being becomes apparent, and the subconsciousness puts signals in elf's shape: a request to handle a little more playfully with challenges and also to say sometimes 'no'.



  • see dancing: happy days approach you, - your wishes come true,
  • of them umgaukelt be: delusive hopes.

(European ones).:

  • see: forbidden and nice dear joys experience, - the destiny takes a good idiom, - the life becomes lighter, - grief and worries disappear,
  • by them be surrounded: The doubt which of two people one loves more or whom one should give his love,
  • see flee or disappearing if one reaches for them: a sad love affair,
  • are kissed by one: if quick engagement registers.

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