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However, often he explains himself as a reaction to unaware feelings, inclinations and wishes which one himself rejects. Who feels disgust in the dream, soul defends itself against a statement distinct in the deliberate or a wrong action and gives with it to the dreamer opportunity to think thoroughly once about itself and his activities. The unconscious uses disgust because such a feeling sticks rather in memory of the awoken. Disgust appears in the dream sometimes body-partly, for example, with an indigestion. If one feels disgust with food in the dream, should warn about an envious person.



  • feel: Annoyance, frustration, indisposition, incommodities experience, - also: What one plans with you, is unsightly, it does not admit.

(European ones).:

  • a purely physical reaction to unaware thoughts,
  • feel: if a forthcoming misfortune registers, - brings an indigestion,
  • feel with food: a person wishes a bad,
  • hold a revolting animal in the hand: one will achieve a lot of success in the love.
(See also vomiting)

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