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It behaves with it as follows: Drinking vessels mean, as already said, the life, plate and bowls the real lifestyle. One must judge these objects by her value or after whether they have become smaller from small form greater or from big form whether they broke if they were whole or again became whole if they had broken, and the change to the better than a good one which is to be understood to the worse than a bad portent. The same interpretation also has to be valid with regard to the other objects. The candlestick means the wife, the lamp the landlord and the life breath of the dreaming, either because she supervises the processes in the house, or because she easily goes out, - further, because of the flaming up, dear passion. The dreifüßige table and the cooker call the life, the living conditions all together and the wife of the dreaming. If table or cooker take damage, one must conclude that the damage called thereby them suffers. The four-footed table differs in no manner from dreifüßigen, just as little like any other piece of the equipment on which one dines. The mattress, the rest bed and everything what belongs to the sleeping site means the wife of the dreaming and the living conditions all together. Also the fool's wand. From the performed objects the feet call house slaves, from the bed tunnels external especially the wife, the internal one the husband, the head the sons, the being based the daughters. According to the bed tunnel one has to interpret the outer walls of the beds. Then the house supervisors, the grain containers the housekeepers, also also the pantry call the half litre mass of slaves, the amphoras assistants, the sideboard tables. Vases and all objects right on the walls mean the jewellery of the life. Chests, however, cupboards and treasure small boxes the wife of the dreaming because one entrusts with the most valuable them, bed bags and covers the Nebenfrauen or female released. It would be too prosy if I came on the remaining fitments, - therefore, I ask my honoured readers with alert judgment to read and to complement the missing from themselves. (See also under the single names)

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