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Association: - Potential, - birth, - hope, - entirety. Question: - What would like I to bring to the development?


The egg is an ancient symbol of the humanity and stands for not achieved potential or for chances which will still bring the future. If a dream of an egg acts, this is a hint for the fact that his natural abilities have not completely become conscious by the dreaming yet. It is a symbol for life and fertility, rebirth, germ cell for new, itself changing. The world originates in most mythological stories from an egg. Therefore the egg itself has become the simile for the world. Easter eggs have this symbolic character, although most people is not aware any more. Like the child (see there) in the dream it announces a new development, mastering a new job or also the beginning of a new life phase. Emotionally depressing will give way to a new life setting. The numerous meanings which depend on the accompanying circumstances in the dream and on the individual life situation arise from it. The egg in the dream also shows the amazement of the dreaming which he feels in view of the miracle life. The knowledge is connected with him that times of the activity must also follow periods of the rest and thoughtfulness to be able to arrange able to process new impressions and to be able to arrange properly. As a vision the egg always has a positive meaning. Very often one finds in the dream a whole nest completely eggs, a basket or a bowl. Possibly the people who have returned from seelsicher oppression in the affirmation of the existence possibilities find such a basket. A sort of Easter, spring and a growing world of brighter day is given with it to you. A man found in the dream under the shrubs on the grave of his grandfather a bowl, piled up of fully snow-white eggs. In this time an extraordinary talent of the longest deads really started to assert itself in the still young man more and more, - the inheritance of the old man was presumably transmitted in the eggs symbolically. Others suddenly have an egg in the hand, a spontaneous present of the life. Again others pick up eggs of the street like in a disappeared spring custom, - the new can come also from the collectivity of the street. Besides, in the following possibilities is to be thought above all:
  • see egg, own or in the hand hold stands in general for favorable other life views and great success.
  • egg shop indicates that one should perceive a favorable opportunity by active action.
  • a coloured egg mostly warns about grief, worries and illnesses and one must consider in each case the symbolic salary of the colour with.
  • egg with fledgling in it often promises that one will achieve good success with the plans which one just 'incubates'.
  • egg often drop meant that one must count on tiff and defamation of character what can be due under circumstances to own impolite behaviour.
  • a yolk shows creativity and vitality.
  • decayed egg warns about a bad call which often explains itself by the fact that own bad intentions sees through become from which one left timely.
  • decayed egg on others throw points out to the fact that one does somebody bitterly to wrong and will get for it his punishment, - one himself is pelted with decayed eggs, one has to count on falseness and defamation by other people.
  • the eggshells which have broken announce that one will suffer - mostly by own clumsiness - a damage. Maybe a situation or a feeling must 'break through' to own consciousness, so that one can better handle with it.
  • beaten egg white (snow) can warn against blowing out things needlessly or against 'to ballooning' too much because one will get, otherwise, difficulties.
  • joy and success indicate
  • the egg dishes which are boiled or are roasted, - spoilt egg dishes against it warn about domestic tiff.
  • a success seems secure which will still grow if immediately several eggs become visibl in the dream. Who breaks them or drops, losses, maybe a mental debacle threaten that.
  • This eat of the egg shows the wish of the dreaming to take up certain aspects of novelty, without which he can investigate a kind close to him not yet to live not completely. Oh should also consume an improvement and security of the material life bases, announce partly also better health, as well as the readiness to a firm connection.
  • is, Fortunately, seldom the dream of the black Satan's egg, from the bad, dark will originate.


It means, the principle of the life and the germ all being are included in the cosmic egg, - hence, the egg shows the potential and the strength of the person to be perfect.


Eggs bring to doctors, painters and people who act with eggs, they mean advantage, - to all other people, in low number, material profit because they are nutritious, in big number, worries and grief, often also processes because the fledglings slipping of the eggs track down everywhere herumscharren and hidden. A slave dreamt, he gets from his mistress a cooked egg, throws away the bowl, however, he consumes the egg. His mistress was pregnant and soon gave to a little boy the life. She herself died, however, the dreaming took on behest of the man from the mistress the child to himself and brought up it. In this manner the external bowl was worth for throwing away and nothing, while the surrounded gave to the dreaming the means to the living.



  • see: Quarrel, quarrel and annoyance,
  • find a nest of full eggs: it approaches a monetary profit or an inheritance,
  • from the nest take: you will marry a widower (widow) with children,
  • drop: Klatscherei, - losses in the next time are to be expected,
  • broken: Frustration,
  • shop: your prosperity increases,
  • cook: hope is scattered,
  • eat: Profit in view, - big possibilities in the love, - happy engagement,
  • rots: bad things will consult against you,
  • not freshly: Widerwärtigkeiten,
  • lay: you will educate good children.
  • colourfully: harmless pleasure, - tip to a numerous child crowd,
  • red ones: Misfortune by danger, also the death of a friend,
  • yellow ones: a protracted illness, - even more badly are green or black,
  • blue ones: Injuries.


  • Dreaming somebody, he eats cooked eggs, he will become well-to-do by slave work, measured in the number of the consumed eggs, - a hen means because a slave.
  • a slave grief and bad will prepare
  • Slurping he raw eggs, for him.
  • big means of a beautiful woman promise
  • of partridge eggs, - the partridge points then to such a women's room, - these are goose's eggs, he will have of a treacly rich and good-natured woman use.
  • Seeming it to him, he loses eggs of this or that kind, he will lose on grounds of the given interpretation his wealth.
  • Eggs often mean
  • also young slaves.
  • raw eggs (in the bowl) announce prosperity, even abundance, - the more eggs, the more richly and more luxuriously becomes the life.
  • eggs to eat means a health improvement.
  • decayed eggs say us that we have entrusted wrong friends too much. This signal appeals for special care in the next time, above all what concerns some people in our surroundings.

(European ones).:

  • see or have: Prosperity, - positive successful planning, - domestic compatibility, - also: upcoming births,
  • find: tells firm connections to another person in, - in single engagement or marriage,
  • find a nest of full eggs: Money an inheritance,
  • stands in the house, profit or even
  • see the very big or in the hand hold: if a very advantageous event tells in,
  • eat: Health and profit, - removal of food worries, - also: in the next time the boom gene will hang crooked,
  • nice of chocolate: one will make the acquaintance of a Don Juan or an elegant lady,
  • coloured eggs see: meant a numerous child crowd, - also: Grief,
  • red ones see: Death or rage of a friend or danger of fire,
  • yellow ones see: announced an illness,
  • drop: if brings disagreement and Klatschereien, - losses are to be taken,
  • refines broken ones see: are richly presented by the goddess of luck, - you make your positive setting and your justice sense very much popular,
  • inedible broken ones see: Loss or also quarrel and quarrel,
  • shop: one attains advantages,
  • see how a chicken one lays: promises good news,
  • one open and find in it fledgling: tells a big profit in, particularly in the lottery,
  • fledglings see hatching out: points to a happy event in the family which brings an improvement of the situation,
  • from a nest take: Child blessing,
  • rots: if mean Klatscherei, - one will come to bad call, - loss of prosperity,
  • rots eggs on somebody throw: a wrong which one committed will take revenge,
  • are pelted with eggs: if means a challenge or pursuit,
  • with eggs be smeared: one shows off too much with profits of dubious origin,
  • a basket of full eggs: profitable shops conclude,
  • make egg dish: Invitation of an interesting person,
  • pancake: Joy, salary, profit,
  • spoilt egg dishes: if quarrel tells in the family in,
  • boiled: if means joy,
  • bird's eggs see: inherit from distant relatives something or make profits with mass products.


  • eat: one will honour you somehow,
  • drop: is polite against women,
  • rots: watch out to speak of person who have never done to you something.
(See also: 'Ball', 'ball')

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