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Failure (diarrhoea)

Association: - Let go. Question: - What must I allow to go?


Failure is understood mostly as cholera as an act of the selfcleaning. The failure registers in the dream always that one cannot digest a little bit and should absolutely get rid of it. Besides, mostly it concerns feelings. Also worries and losses are expressed in it not seldom.



  • have: an unforeseen chance, - misfortune or illness announce the visit.
  • have (for sick people): you attain firm health (then the failure a symbol is for cleaning of the human body).

(European ones).:

  • have: if illness, losses and grief registers, - also: a mental selfcleaning takes place in,
  • during the time of the exam means it: to have a heavy check before himself,
  • others: because of the negligence more different it comes to the business setback, - differences cause trouble to you.


  • have: your luck meets you before your house, one should not overlook this and slight.
(See also cholera)

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