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The thirteenth moon

medicine wheel:

Key words: Crossing, - change, - new ways, - undecided, - restless, - chaos, - big growth potential, - the shades, - fear of change, - with control deal, deal - with the fear of the death, - love, - respect, - the moon. Description: During some years there are thirteen moons because one lunar month exists only of 29 days, twelve hours, 44 minutes and two sevenths seconds which are necessary to reach from a new moon to the next. We live in a society which divides the year in twelve months, and the system would not function so well if now and then place had to be created for the thirteenth month. It is difficult to explain the person who are accustomed to the western solar calendar, 13 moons draught which is an important component of the medicine wheel. Consequently the thirteenth moon is the invisible moon which announces the change in the life of a person. General meaning: A time of the important changes in which the possibility for growth and progress are included - a chaotic or bewildering phase of the life get through, - be undecided. Association: - Transcendent meaning: The ability to manage with all shadow sides of your personality even if they have been hidden up to now from the bright light of father the sun and a little weaker from grandmother Mond. (See also half moon, menstruation, moon, crescent, new moon, full moon)

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