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Thumb often symbolises elementary creativity, energy and ability of getting through, - therefore, he can announce that one will lead a carefree and trouble-free life in the next time. Called from Freud as a symbol of sexual Triebhaftigkeit, he, well, circumscribes rather the creative, the artistic talent of the person, - then the thumb lends only her skill and mobility to the hand (see there). If the dream thumb has got too briefly, one is not artistic too much at the height, or one maybe has even not enough energy to seize things properly. An injured thumb circumscribes that own productiveness either can be realised not enough or is, however, one dissatisfied about the achieved (deliberate percipience of the thumb). The thumb is also valid as a symbol for the victory or loss, depending on whether he points upwards or down.



  • quiet, happy-go-lucky existence, - also: a lot of work and trouble waits yours,
  • to unusually big ones have: there is the acceptance to be hindered in his freedom,
  • cut themselves in it or injure: Illness of member, - one must count on obstacles,
  • lose: Loss of a member.

(European ones).:

  • indicates the success of a sensational good action, distant talent and strength,
  • one single thumb: sly people and an unsafe future,
  • wait for you
  • an aching one: there threaten business burglaries, - your colleagues become intolerable to you,
  • if a thumb injury the use of your hand prevents: must count on business losses,
  • have no thumb: Need and isolation,
  • have unnaturally small one: it is granted to a joy for a while,
  • especially largely: shoot up and achieve rapid success,
  • have a dirty one: if satisfaction of vice-like desires,
  • announces
  • with long nail: because of predilection for loose pleasure in the downfall run.


  • the worries are wide from you.
(See also finger, hand, 'body')

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