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Association: - By virtue of, - sometimes also fury. Question: - What bubbles in me?


A symbol for heat and overpressure. Because here one substance changes into another, steam means transformation. In addition, steam stands for a passing experience, because he can easily evaporate. The dreaming looks after passionate feelings of a thing or towards a person without knowing exactly what or to whom it concerns. Feelings cannot discharge and, therefore, build up a high internal pressure, - then the danger insists that it comes sometime once to violent emotional outbursts which can cause a lot of damage, in particular with the negative feelings like rage and fury which can lead to open aggression against people or objects. The steam warns in the dream then about such feelings and demands in addition on them not to dam up, but to abreact on time. However, not seldom the steam also deals with energy and energy which also generates pressure which is moved in purposeful actions to realise intentions, - besides, the following accompanying circumstances can make easier the understanding of the dream message:
  • steam see registers that one approaches with a lot of vigour to a job and will also solve them, - however, mostly the announcement is also connected with it that the expectations, nevertheless, will not come true, but that the views resolve as it were 'in air'.
  • The steam hinders our look in the distance, translates: in the future.
  • stand in the steam, are wrapped by him, can point out to the fact that though a lot of energy and energy exists, the aim, however, yet clearly enough was not defined, - therefore, the activities can run in the emptiness and lead to disappointments and failures.
  • steam locomotives and steam engines stand for internal impulses and high aims which bring movement and big changes in the life, - basically this is favorable to judge, but one must pay attention to the fact that one does not fire out with his energy about the aim.
  • steamboat shows that one steers the life ship vigorously over the 'sea of the life' and owns enough energy, around all problems can come up to one to master.


The dreaming meets the power of the mind and is aware of that.



  • indicates at efforts, worries and sufferings, - the plans need one more purification, it is not sure whether they are generally of a use,
  • of him scalds or überspritzt become: announced a bad chance.

(European ones).:

  • see: a work carried out with honest striving turns out pointless, - also: Doubt and differences between you and a beloved person which only you can clear,
  • more flowing: indicates unsettled aims and stands symbolically for uncertainties and aggression,
  • of a railroad engine see: one makes too big plans,
  • see steaming water on a cooker or stove: brings differences in the family,
  • white: if a favorable premeaning,
  • has
  • more darkly: if dangers and worries,
  • announce
  • from a chimney: Overcoming all difficulties.
(See also fog, smoke, water)

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