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Cholera partially symbolises the wish for selfcleaning, after freeing from incriminating experiences, feelings and actions for which one is ashamed. However, at the same time the illness sends a reminder in the dream not to carry out the act of the selfcleaning too drastically because one could take usually mental damage, - one must learn first to accept all that, before one can escape of it. In general cholera can point to forthcoming dangers, sometimes announce really an illness (however, as a rule no cholera) which still causes no symptoms.


(European ones).:

  • itself has fallen ill: Sign of a close heavy illness, - a danger threatens,
  • see: if an illness tells in,
  • the whole country striking: a contagious illness will rage, and many disappointments will follow,
  • stay in a place with epidemic: if means misfortune,
  • members of the family of it see striking: Warning to the care.

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