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Association: - Power, - guidance, - control. Question: - Where in my life I am ready or do I hesitate to take over responsibility?


Mostly a part of the own I which is strictly anxious to remind the dreamer of his duties. The picture of the boss stands in the dream instead of a father-figure or person in authority. The dreaming can feel this symbol as a model, or he feels restricted in his personality, - the picture thereby looks depressing. Boss is able to do energy, power and possession striving symbolise which control a person and come floating, - then mostly he is to be interpreted as a warning before carried too far impulses of this kind. This is above all the case if the dreaming longs for being even a boss, - then one presses afterwards, other force his will. Moreover, the boss can point to the professional and existential difficulties which approach in close future.



  • to unknown ones see: you get another superior,
  • confessed see: you stand before a disagreeable discussion,
  • speak: you come to a better position.

(European ones).:

  • always a disagreeable sign and mostly in own occupation a change approaches,
  • dream of one: Incommodities, even if the boss is still so merciful in the dream,
  • with one argue: if insecurity brings in the existence,
  • his pass the hand: possibly signals the professional change,
  • receive a present from: indicates a loss or a change.


  • you will undergo a change, but be very contented with it.
(See also manager, doctor)

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