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The chaos in the dream is to be taken in his meaning literally. As an archetypal symbol the chaos means the state before the creation act and is with it the mother of all things. It is a sign of the uncertainty. They have lost in important things of the life the overview. Present yourselves time and force nothing. Let the matters develop slowly. Pay attention to the following dreams which connect to this. Chaotic states in the dream reveal mostly mental oppressions, feelings which cannot be arranged. If you experience a whole dream or a dream situation as chaotic, make also clear yourselves with the fact that you establish with another world contact which just lives in you, how your regular world. At night this world appears in the dream, because you want to edge out them during the day and not perceive. She feels neglected, so to speak, and contacts to word if your consciousness is clouded in the sleep. If you want to use, nevertheless, your life energy and go creatively by your life, then it is absolutely necessary not only to perceive this side of your inner life, but to integrate them also into your everyday life. Thereby you strengthen your intuitive abilities and you can see coming things and go thus surer through the life. Chaos appears in the dream always then when the danger of the solidification threatens. One could also say that the chaos expresses itself always then in the dream when the dreaming too unilaterally to the male archetype has gone to ruin. Follow the chaos in the other course of the dream ordinal symbols, this is to be understood than positive sign.



  • you must wait for your time. At the moment you are unlucky.
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