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Fall (fall)

In general:

If the dreaming falls in his dream, this shows that he has no trust in his own abilities. Maybe he feels real or imaginarily) by missing security threatened (. The dreaming is afraid to be 'dropped' by friends or colleagues. Fall warns about obstacles and problems because of which one will fail (differently than while tripping).


Points to an idiom which we must carry out in the awake life. The fall restrains our progress what could also bring losses with itself. To falls is interpreted as a delivered being (especially sexually) and as a moral failure because one does not correspond to external demands.


The dreaming possibly means to steal away from a situation, really, however, he loses his firm position. This can be due to negative influence by other people.



  • from a height: you will suffer a big defeat,
  • in general: an unexpected obstacle brings you in need.

(European ones).:

  • misfortune, losses, capital losses and commercial losses, - the greater the height from one falls, the greater the coming difficulties,
  • see themselves or fall: a plan or the progress is unexpectedly restrained,
  • others see falling: reminds you to remain man of your thoughts.


  • take before haste in eight.
(See also traps)

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