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Sick people the death, distant waste and resolution of her property, to healthy excitement and defamations of character prophesy public endowments from own means. The dream face brings luck and material profit only to desperately poor people, - then one can give to many only if one himself owns a lot. A good portent is more distant it for actors, soloists and everybody who take care of the favour of the large amount, - big honour will be given them, - then from people the endowments make, one speaks in the highest tones. To be involved in an endowment is good to agree badly, however, nothing, indifferently whether it concerns state or private ones, - it announces almost the death because deads are not considered with an endowment any more. I know somebody who opened to the Olympic games to take part in the competitions, and it dreamt, the Hellenenrichter distributed bread to the competitors, would have for him, however, only empty hands because he has come too late. Now all interpreters of dreams presumed, he will not line up to the competition, - this seemed to me quite consistent. Really it also went out thus. Immediately after the registration in the lists he died.



  • you is honoured and respected.
(See also office)

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