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Association: - Recognition, - fame, - now and then infamously. Question: - Which part of me strives for recognition? Am I afraid of recognition?


The Berühmtwerden often appears as a dream symbol. One would like to stand in the centre of the attention and be perceived. It is to be asked whether with this dream symbol does not assert itself I with his needs excessively. On the other side freedom and independence to which this dream symbol also refers is connected with the fame (often falsely) also. The thirst for knowledge of the person arises from I. If of the dreaming decisions on his other progressing wants to hit, he must know whether he is able to stand out from a mass or not. If a dream trades of the fact that the dreaming in a well-chosen area reaches to fame, this shows that he himself recognises his abilities and puts trust in them. In the awake state a person may be maybe relatively shy, but in his dreams he often reaches things as he would never have held them for possible. Fame in the dream can help in the purification just this question.


At the spiritual level fame suggests in the dream that the dreaming is occupied himself too much with his effect on the outside world and that his spiritual making headway is low, hence, accordingly.



  • see: You are envious of the success more different and overlook own chances. Look and not the other, then there comes the success. The luck waits for your action.
  • be: You would like to create tallness, however, forgets that it does not go only with the wish and that it tells to advance step by step. However, the future holds ready the success for you.

(European ones).:

  • have become: if losses and a change forecast to the bad, - a failure will appear.
(See also archetypes)

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