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Association: - Promises, - indulge themselves in the luxury. Question: - What supports me in my growth process?

In general:

If we get as a gift in the dream an emerald jewellery, a hearty respect which can lead to mental correspondence is attached. Beside the diamond the emerald is one of the hardest precious stones. He promises success with spiritual activity.


It is one of the hardest and most valuable precious stones and is valid accordingly as a symbol for stability of value and strength of character.



  • indicates a big joy, - your hopes will come true.

(European ones).:

  • see: one will inherit a property, why one agrees with other difficulties, - also: if a separation forecasts for a short time from the partner, conditioned by a trip or a working stay in the distance,
  • a lover emeralds sees
  • or carries his engaged emeralds, he is dug up by a richer suitor,
  • buy one: if a sign is for unhappy business transactions.


  • see: Misfortune comes about you, - life destinies full of change.
(See also diamonds, precious stones, jewels, jewellery)

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