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Sail boat (sailing ship)

In general:

Sail boat (sailings) indicate one like boat or ship, - moreover, still the symbol wind must be often coconsidered. One is held by inspiration and creativity 'in movement'.


It becomes done from the wind, so as it were from the spiritual. Where it turns up in the dream, one should check the deliberate events for spiritual contents. The sport sailings is associated to me spare time and with wealth. At the same time sailings refer in the dream also to a skilful exploitation of the wind. One knows how the wind blows, that is one wisely operates. If one does not make headway, however, because of a stagnation, is to be seen as a tip to an unfavorable situation in which one can only wait.


(European ones).:

  • prophesies long trips and separation of friends, - in political matters Zwistigkeiten appear,
  • see in big distance: one will have to wait for a positive turn in the life still,
  • with sedate sailings see going: points to a favorable time for the realisation of big plans,
  • on one go: one will be able to carry out big plans by an extraordinary opportunity or other favorable circumstances soon,
  • see with calm with floppy sailings dahintreiben: points to an unfavorable time for the realisation of big plans,
  • go with calm on it: a lofty plan cannot be realised,
  • see at anchor: if the origin of lofty plans tells for the next future in,
  • see in the storm: one willbe strongly hindered in the realisation of lofty plans by mi▀liche external circumstances, - difficulties can endanger private matters,
  • in the storm on one be: lofty plans can be realised only under big victims,
  • see capsizing: a lofty plan will soon turn out impracticable,
  • on a capsizing one be: for the realisation of a lofty plan one will make big sacrifices free of charge,
  • a damaged one: the home matters will take damage by unusual events.
(See also boat, ship, wind)

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