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In general:

Floating in the dream is brought in the classical dream interpretation with the sexuality in respect. However, the need expressed by the vision for freedom is of also great importance. If he, apparently without his will, is carried off, the dreaming opens extensively for the strength behind his deliberate Himself. He is in a state of extreme relaxation and simply can be done by the events.


Because the dreaming does not determine his direction himself, he is undecided and must think maybe careful about his actions and about his relations with other people.


At this level the floating in the dream can show an external-physical experience of the mind.


In the dream to have the image, one floats only some from the earth remotely and in straight position, means to the dreaming luck, - then around how much one floats above the ground, even more elated he is compared with those which move under him. Always one calls the empires the higher put. From good premeaning it is if this does not happen in own native country, - then because one does not stand on firm ground, it means emigration, - the dream face says as it were, the native country is unenterable for the dreaming.


(European ones).:

  • apparently invincible obstacles will be mastered successfully.
(See also aviation - state)

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