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In general:

A snail in the dream causes revulsions in some people. She also embodies vulnerability and slowness. Snail indicates in particular cases that one isolates himself too strongly and moves back in himself, - this is above all with sensitive, oversensitive people the case. However, in general she can also request to more patience and perseverance.


In the Middle Ages the snail was valid as a symbol of the virginity and resurrection. Albrecht Dürer, e.g., painted snails on his Marien's pictures. The snail has in the dream only very seldom a sexual meaning, even if she embodies to the vernacular after the female gender organ. The main meaning of the snail in the dream is very same to the tortoise. To the same comes the proverbial slowness which walks along in some cases with indecision and Übersensibilität. The snail in the dream is a tip to permanence and self-control. To move in the snail tempo means direct, planned, careful action. Who sees them, would like to insert in a certain matter the slow way, however, is run over possibly by the results. If we crush in the dream a snail, our patience is in the awake life to an end, - we want to act, besides, could commit, however, a carelessness. If we get the little animal from his house, we would like to separate from an oversensitive person. Patience is necessary if we see that a snail creeps away in her house. By the way, the snail house like mussel can circumscribe friable virginity.


At the spiritual level the snail is an admonition to the dreaming in the dream not to let stick on from the having of the time.



  • see: sluggish way of the shops, - you are too sensitive, - also: It depends on pursuing a thing quietly and with perseverance and on acting by no means hasty! 'Who slowly goes, also comes to the aim!'
  • eat: big issues stand in the house.

(European ones).:

  • see: sends a reminder to the patience, before immoderateness and unstableness,
  • slimy ones see creeping: one will not feel fine in his sphere,
  • see creeping away in her house: somebody at whom or from which one would like to reach something will let thrash still long,
  • eat: one puts the patience of another on a hard test,
  • step on one: one comes to contact with repellent people,
  • crush intentionally: by hasty action one will have a disadvantage.


  • see: you will happily escape from a danger.
  • look and eat: you neglect your business.
(See also mussel,' tortoise')

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