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In general:

Floodlight symbolises in general concentration and attention, - this asks to concentrate upon a certain matter. Forwards directed floodlights illuminate the future, point in particular to obstacles of the life. If one himself stands in the floodlight, can warn about validity urge or exposure of unfair intentions, he is asked to think over his activities and behaviour.


If a floodlight is directed in the dream upon a certain point or object, one should notice to himself this well: It probably draws the attention to an especially important event in our life. He can indicate at the examination into things which concern the dreaming, as well as to find out the actual truth. If the floodlight is directed upon us and he blinds us, then somebody has us sees through and now believes to be able to play with us. A floodlight serves to illuminate the way lying before the dreaming.


Besides, at this level the floodlight in the dream supports the dreaming to concentrate upon spiritual questions and to let all superfluous aside.


(European ones).:

  • see as a ray in the sky: if an important event tells in,
  • see a bright light: one will receive 'spiritual guidance' and can bridge thus with a lot of selftrust and God's trust a heavy situation and master,
  • of a motor vehicle see: one can experience in a thing a bad surprise,
  • in the light cone of such hineingeraten: more than is dear, one will become sees through.


  • see: you will soon come behind a wrong thing.
(See also light and other sources of light)

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