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Association: - childish joy, - imagination, - fullness. Question: - What would like I to enjoy? In general. How one reacts to his dream circus, is essential for the interpretation. Maybe one found him wonderful and was of full admiration for the achievements of the artistes, or, however, one rejected that noble animals were used for trained presentations. What proceeded in the amount, must be examined individually. Does meaning come up to the free life style of the 'moving people'? Has one himself appeared in the circus (= one has taken in the awake life just reckless risks)? Has one fallen of the trapezoid or high-level rope and has awoken with frightened feelings? This would be a warning. Was one the circus clown, one should ask himself whether does one make fun in the awake life of somebody or apes him - or does somebody laugh about itself? Or does one act only as if is one happy and laughed, while one hid behind a happy mine that one is unhappy?


With a circus dream must be always respected to the whole dream action. Circus can stand for creativity with which one finds astonishing problem solutions which has not held other and one himself for possible. Acrobatic and artistic circus events point in the dream, however, mostly to the controlled emotions, the discipline in the thinking and action as well as the controlling mind of the dreaming. Who admires Manege-around the talents of the artistes in, would like to take as an example to themselves in the awake life somebody who knows to master his life. If we ourselves appear in the circus, we want to prove in the working everyday life our talents.



  • Roman circus in a fight arena: menacing downfall,
  • modern circus: astonishing achievements stand before you, - also: one is about to make himself ridiculous,
  • visit one and experience an image: one is on the alert not to be involved in a costly folly,

(European ones).:

  • Searching after an unusual way out, - sign for future Miss's feelings on account of careless habits,
  • see: one will finish a trick which so easily nobody will copy, - also: one is just about to make himself ridiculous,
  • experience an image in it: sends a reminder to the care, because now one can involve you easily in a costly thing.


  • is not always good it if one speaks a lot.
(See also under clown, magician and under the animal names)

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