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In general:

The discovery of a new room in own flat is a dream symbol interesting for high because it states about the state of own whole personality a lot. Women dream of a such discovery more often than men, above all when they have come in turning points of her life. If one feels in a narrow room enclosed, can point to isolation, above all with closed doors and windows.


Room embodies as a part of the house a part of the personality or a period of life. This can point to reserve compared with others to which one does not want to reveal himself and his plans. Who goes restless from a room to the other whose position changes from one moment on the other hand and to itself mostly a change reveals in the psychic arrangements of the dreamer. If we go in the dream of a dark space in brightly illuminated, we reach from an unaware state in a deliberate or differently expressed: The lessons which the dream teaches us we should be taken to heart in the awake life. If the room just looks as it is in reality, boredom will soon pack us maybe which leads to the decision to leave soon our current surroundings to become happier somewhere else.



  • see: it must be calculated on a change in the life,
  • enter the empty: in loneliness must live, - also: one has to perform something else to lift his life level,
  • the nicely furnished and wallpapered: everything will go for you by wish, - luck and wealth,
  • poorly furnished: you must economise,
  • dark, the uncanny and dirty: disagreeable experiences will sadden you,
  • in the known one be: one runs danger to step right away,
  • in a foreign one be: one will have to count on changes, possibly with a change of location,
  • allow to paint: you want to begin a new life,
  • clean: you expect a dear visit.

(European ones).:

  • see one: in the life something will change,
  • the nice, homy: if sudden luck, - means either by an inheritance of unknown relatives or by speculation profits,
  • poorly the furnished: if help promises in the need,
  • a foreign one: if signals success, after one already almost hopes had surrendered,
  • live in it: a change of location could arise,
  • an empty one: if one wants to improve his life style, Li> goes not without own contribution,
  • the dream of a nicely and well furnished room indicates
  • with a young woman that a well-to-do man will stop for her hand. If the room is simply furnished, nevertheless, it will probably have to be content with a little.


  • have: one will leave you,
  • the bright: you can count on a transportation,
  • nicely wallpapers: good progress of your trade,
  • with nice paintings: you have presumptuous wishes,
  • brightly illuminates: big festivities,
  • allow to paint or wallpaper: you will experience changes,
  • many: Wealth.
(See also 'building', 'house', to hall, 'flat')

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