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Fury / fit of rage

In general:

Fury in the dream stands often for other passionate feelings. The dreaming struggles with whether he has the right to lend expression to his grief, or not. Possibly he is incapable to express his strong feelings in the awake state appropriately, while he succeeds in the dream, nevertheless, well. Fury (rage) symbolises internal or external conflicts which disturb, - one must try to process them, to reconcile himself, for example, with an opponent.


The person can give the permission to himself to feel passion of sexual or other nature. The kind, as one expresses feelings in the dream, can inform about adequate behaviour in the everyday life.


The dreaming suffers from the displeasure of God.



  • you must have you more in the power and you do not allow to go so, otherwise you have damage and hostility. A reminder to the mildness and gentleness, particularly if a quarrel or tiff with others is given in house or occupation.

(European ones).:

  • fly into a rage: indicates at reconciliation, - settlement of a difference,
  • be furious: it approaches one a temptation, - disappointments by being close people, - broken friendship or enemies can attack once more your property or your character,
  • keep calm, while relatives on one rage are: one can mediate between arguing friends who will bring to a gratitude for it,
  • bring somebody in those: the settlement of a difference will not give satisfaction,
  • see a furious person: if a reunion,
  • contains
  • a furious man: Enemies will turn openly against your plans,
  • see a furious animal: a friend defends your name.


  • be furious: Annoyance and frustration,
  • furious animal: you will remove obstacles,
  • see brute: your perseverance will be crowned.

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