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Association: - natural process, - life structure. Question: - At which place of my life is I to be grown ready?

medicine wheel:

Key words: Connection between earth and sky, - Verwurzeltheit, - makes holy minds, - dancing beings, - sky-storming, - powerfully, - mysterious. Description: Trees are plants with a root bale, a trunk and a crown. Most from them grow higher up than bushes or shrubs. In the world there are endlessly many kinds of trees. Old people held trees for the carriers of earth energy as well as sky energy. They looked at trees as very important beings which have to fulfil quite a special job on the earth. Some people close to the earth thought that they are very holy, - nevertheless, everybody was persuaded of the fact that trees are strong and respect-worthy beings. General meaning: Investigation of your connection with the energy of the earth and the sky, - which explore roots of your life. Association: Tree-long, tollgate, border. Transcendent meaning: A gift of the tree beings, - understanding from or an experience with the energy of the trees.


Archetypal symbol for fertility, birth and death, also as a life tree or family tree interpreted. A female aspect also comes up to him, because all life arises from the mother. Without trees no wood. The tree symbolises the connection of sky and earth. His roots anchor him deeply in the earth and according to the mythology they rescue a well hidden treasure: The wisdom of the life. We also speak of the life tree which we find ironically often on cemeteries. But this is already the domesticated form of the tree. In all his strength he appears to us in the holy trees of the Teutons to whom particularly the mighty oak, the hard ash and the yew are counted. These are symbols of the old forces of the life. All these trees presumably decrease to the archetype of the tree of the Germanic world ash Yggdrasil. This evergreen tree spreads out itself his branches about sky and earth and on his point sits the eagle who observes the world, and a hawk who makes the weather. The Nornen symbolising the destiny live in his trunk, and here with storms the wild animals seek shelter... A tree is the symbol for the original structure of the human inner life. If a tree appears in the dream, one does well to deal thoroughly with this picture. Tree stands in narrow respect with the personality and her kind to master the life. In particular one can pull from it often conclusions on energy and energy, settings, convictions, ideas and values which influence the behaviour and action decisively. The tree is also sometimes understood as a power symbol. To be able to interpret a tree dream, however, thoroughly, one must look at the tree closer. Fruits, roots, trunk and crown, as well as branches and their state provide closer information. The following accompanying circumstances can often make easier the exact interpretation:
  • Adam and Eva picked the apple of the tree of the knowledge and pulled from it the apprenticeship for her other life. Who dreams of a tree, can hope for knowledge which will help him in the awake life.
  • a wood more fully of white trees can indicate the wish to begin a new, positive life phase.
  • The leafy, protective-offering and fruit-weight-bearing treetop stands for the female element.
  • The sheets state something about how the dreaming has an effect on his environment.
  • branches and sheets together are like the thoughts and ideas, plans and hopes which yield every now and then fruit.
  • The branches give explanation about the concluded development stages of the dreaming. A tree with very wide branches stands for a warmhearted and affectionate personality, while a small, thick-leafy tree concludes by a blocked personality.
  • a well-shaped tree symbolises a well-organised and a big, weird tree a chaotic personality.
  • tree with blossoms indicates better health, personal luck or new energy and energy, sometimes also stronger sexual needs which are maybe suppressed up to now.
  • tree with fruits promises success by good work, in particular if one harvests them themselves.
  • a tree of the putrescent fruits carries, worry about the future can register.
  • bald, dead or charred trees announce that one will not harvest the fruits of his work, but must count on failures and worries. However, this symbol can be sometimes also understood positively as a warning before wrong settings, positions, convictions and ideals which one should file because they do not help in the life simply any more.
  • a decaying or dead tree is mostly interpreted as a symbol of the displeasure or the fear.
  • a tree or scion which sprouts from the loins of a man stands unambiguously for the sexual energy which can speed up the whole life.
  • one maintains
  • of the roots of a tree that they show the deep feelings, the past, as well as the connection between the person and the earth. Right thing would be the statement that they show the property of the person to stand to the practical sides of the life and to take pleasure of his existence. Spreading out roots mean the readiness to show openness, while deep roots conclude rather by restraint.
  • The trunk of the tree gives instructions as one uses his forces and how one appears for the environment to the outside. A rough trunk verbildlicht a rough personality, while a smooth trunk of more elegance testifies.
  • shake the tree laden with fruit promises also future luck and success.
  • under a tree can sit security or the need for it mean, - one wants to know himself as it were about the tree top against dangers sheltered.
  • climbing on a tree can announce once a better overview about the life situation, - however, partially this also registers that one will climb up from own strength in a higher, secure position or uses his hopes and abilities to reach something. One considers how fast or slowly one climbed and how one felt, when one, finally, the point achieved
  • Climbing one on a tree and people watched, one has the wish for recognition and confirmation.
  • Who climbs too high a high tree, ventures also forward in the awake life mostly a little bit too much and can fall therefore slightly deeply.
  • Who falls of the tree, it is difficult for that to judge own situation properly. It is the warning that one will suffer maybe soon a damage and harvest mockery for it still, - because one wanted before too high out and had to fail, therefore.
  • dreams in their trees are planted, can mean, that a proposal which may look promising now a little in the course of which time could lead to success.
  • a dream in which one falls a tree points to recollections or fears of loss. The loss may concern a person in the life or a thing which was dear.


At the spiritual level he embodies the tree of the life and stands for the harmony between skies, earth and water. The tree is, like a person, a straight shape pointing to the sky and embodies vitality (victory over the death). He describes very informative the strength and energy, ideas, settings and the behaviour of the dreamer. While the dreaming learns to interpret properly his own tree, he is able to form his life in all areas successfully.


What concerns the trees, one must keep to the presented rules and form the interpretation, while one always takes over the similar moments in the fulfilments. Since the dream interpretation is basically nothing else than comparisons of resemblances. One still considers the following: Those trees which mean something good bring luck if they blossom and carry fruit, - they dry up, they are torn out with the roots, are met by the flash or destroyed in any way by the fire, they indicate the opposite. Those trees which indicate a disastrous exit are of bigger use whom they dry up or are chopped. Remember that the trees have the same meaning like the fruits and the gods to whom every single one is holy. Quite in general are more favorable fruit-weight-bearing than the wild, and from fruit-weight-bearing those which do not lose her sheets, the olive tree and the bay tree except. From these the olive tree, he himself brings according to experience the death, the laurel against it to rescue, his fruits and sheets, sick people. And this is quite comprehensible, because one gives deads with branches of the olive tree the last escort, by no means with such of the laurel. If it rears up no fruit bring, are more unfavorable, excluded for the people who acquire her living with them immediately or indirectly. The long-standing trees are a symbol of delay with appointments, with illnesses they promise rescue, - against it they cause the remaining fulfilments more slowly. The corresponding is valid from trees which slowly grow and become stronger slow, - trees with opposite qualities call the opposite. If trees burn down which stand before the house, it announces the death of the rules, also the big trees inside located of the house, namely them whose names of male gender are, the death of men, which whose names of female gender are, those of women, the small ones from friends and relatives, the quite low, as for example boxes and myrtles, those of servants. Old trees are favorable to nervous minds if one thinks of it umhegt, - then because of the security which they grant they release from fear. Otherwise they prophesy rescue by escape.



  • The interpretation of the trees admits a multiple regulation, because manifoldly is the nature of her fruits.
  • The sheets of the trees symbolise the disposition of the people, - green and fresh mean the integrity, dry, falling and wilted the inferiority of the disposition. Alike the fruits point to the faith and to wealth, also most trees are effigies of the faith and the expression of thanks towards God.
  • Like the fruits, sheets, branches, trunks and roots of the trees food and growth of water and fertile earth pull, the faith in God feeds all virtues and she makes completely, - besides, show the firmness of the trunk and the roots to the prayer, branches and sheets on the children and the inclinations of the people.
  • Dreaming one, he waters and maintains trees carefully, he will be large-scale mighty and a benefactor of the people.
  • Looking of trees in the sea, on rock or somewhere else where trees can grow impossibly strange strangers from those zones will come, thus numerously as the trees are, - those which have grown out of the sea point, in any case, to the person of the emperor,
[namely] on the strangers who come to the emperor, - trees which have grown on rock or somewhere else where they cannot prosper at all register that a foreigner will appear there to whom power claim, but nothing will aim.
  • Dreaming one, in his house where before no tree stood is a tree emporgewachsen, will appear there shortly a guest, - the tree yields fruit, it will be a narrow relative, he yields no fruit, a stranger.
  • Dreaming a single, in his house a noble or wild vine has sprouted, he will take a woman and generate so many children with her as he saw grapes in the vine, - he looks no grapes, anyhow he may hope for children.
  • however,
  • Having of trees plant, does not know whether they have grown, will press him according to their state need and worries, - the emperor will use after this face new officials who, provided that the trees have grown, will find his recognition, - the trees do no sprigs, the opposite will enter.
  • Planting or digs to cores of hard fruits, worries and grief will press him.
  • Seeming it one, inside of his house a date palm or cypress has grown, a dream to which impossibly an easy or poor person can look, but only one powerful figure, he knows that the cypress the empress does not wilt meant because of the beauty of the tree, because of his fragrance, because he and never loses his sheets - calls also the date palm the empress because of her flower jewellery, the sweetness of her fruits and because she has narrow sharp sheets which she never loses, - hence, can expect to the dreaming joy and the arrival to mentioned people. If the emperor these trees looks in his palace, he will marry if he is single, he has a spouse, it is happily with her and children testify, provided that the cypress has done branches and has grown, also he will live long, - the dream of the date palm will have for him the same exit: he will generate children and be full joy according to the fullness of the dates and the branches. This interpretation is also valid concerning the empress's mother because of the branches and for the sister of the emperor if the tree has no branches.
  • he will make
  • Dreaming somebody of a pomegranate tree whose fruits are sweet the acquaintance of a rich man and live delightfully and in joys with him, - however, the fruits are sour, he will hit on a hard person who will badly treat him according to the amount of the fruits.
  • Seeming it one, he has put down an oak and itself in her shade, he will get to know a mighty, unstable person and have with her his living, however, with effort and work because acorns are not to be eaten - dreams one of a walnut-tree in whose shade he sits, he will bump into a well-to-do, but sparing man because the nut has a hard bowl, but well live together with him.
If a woman dreams of all, she will marry if she is single, she has a man, simulate only love to follow her shameless trade.
  • Owning somebody an apple tree, he will win a noble woman, provided that the apples of noble kind are, - they are sour, he will testify in strife if, however, perfectly round, sweetly and fragrantly, in unity with her live and children.
  • Dreaming one, he comes to one enclosed garden and picks fruits of the trees, he will live with very distinguished people and attain so much favour and wealth as he has picked fruits, - however, these are sour, he will be tormented together with the rules badly, - sweet fruits mean the opposite.
  • Dreaming of the emperors, he comes to gardens with all possible trees, with date palms, Citrusgewächsen and cypresses and picks dates of the palm, he will get of an aristocratic woman a son, - he has broken off a lemon, he will happily be about his son, he has nobody, a male descendant generate rightfully and in him, the fragrance of the lemon immediately, his joy have, - he picks with light hand other fruits and these are ripe, he will be unmerciful from free pieces against his dignitaries favorably, are they immature.
  • letting of the emperors trees in his gardens together with the root tear out, he will disown so many servants of his face as he allowed to uproot trees, - have become decayed latter as a result of her age and have fallen down, his dignitaries will die a natural death without every doubt. If it seems to him, the pilgrims have grown to trees, new ones will step instead of the old dignitaries.
  • letting of the emperors the sheets of the trees in his palace create, he will let there bring gold and property of his magnates, according to the amount of sheets which he allowed to collect - an easy man will attain suitable wealth from big men.
  • Dreaming somebody live on a myrtle tree, he will join to a noble, but poor man because the tree smells fine and in harmony with him.
  • consequently
  • All fruit-weight-bearing trees are interpreted in the kind of her fruits, - the trees whose fruits are sour and have an astringent (astringent) effect indicate misfortune, those which yield sweet and tasty fruit, luck and welfare.
  • more green: Hope, - health, - everything will well develop, -
  • close comes into leaf: View of profit, -
  • more blossoming: Joy and much unexpected luck, - you have luck with the other gender, everything goes by wish.
  • more drily or more bald: Bad luck, failure in all things, - The best shall be adapted itself to new.
  • shake: Luck, -
  • mount one: big ideas come true, - you will have in all luck, -
  • to themselves see climbing one: one should avoid coming along by his ambition unpopular one, -
  • of one fall down: Misfortune, - you must suffer mockery, -
  • see fell one or felling: you damage yourself by high spirits, - loss, -
  • to felled ones see: if an illness announces, - your hopes will melt away, - nevertheless, one knows in the dream that the tree belongs to one, is to be hoped for a long and healthy life, -
  • of a flash shatters: Frustration, desperation and concern, -
  • tree with fruits: you will find a good friend, - the life will run successfully, -
  • only the fruits in it see: Wealth, -
  • the fruits from it decrease: an inheritance, -
  • on a tree sit: Honour and power, -
  • sit under him in the shade: if good and glad news, -
  • announces
  • see burning one: Quarrel and quarrel in the family, - you will suffer loss.

(European ones).:

  • high trees: if power and special honour register, -
  • a young tree: if a birth announces, -
  • with green sheets: a good omen and Li> stands for satisfaction,
  • evergreen tree: if longevity or immortality, -
  • symbolises
  • owner one or of several be: one will lead a long and healthy life, -
  • buds or young sheets see: now long preserved ardent wishes will soon come true, -
  • for sick people: Recovery, if the tree healthy and blossoming, -
  • see a blossoming one or under one sit: big personal luck, -
  • see loading with fruits: one has good views, - Li> points to a successful life,
  • fruits of one break off: an adventure, -
  • shake one: Luck, -
  • on a tree hinaufklettern or on it sit: if advantage and honour registers, - secure position, - also: one will come along by too much ambition rather unpopular (or enemies), -
  • fall down from a tree: Danger, under circumstances even death, - to the mockery be paused, -
  • sit under green trees: good news receives, -
  • with a friend sit under green trees: unexpected luck, a glad marriage, -
  • bald tree: if means monetary shortage or the loss of a large amount of money, -
  • withered tree: is valid for bad shops, - failure and grief, - misfortune stands out, -
  • fell, fall down, burn or from the flash see grieved: if any bad luck registers which one can avoid under circumstances, - an illness or disappointed hope announces, -
  • felled tree: if an experience forecasts that the life will change, -
  • with roots tear out: Energy and wealth wastes.


  • The Indian one and the usual walnut-tree mean a man of high nobility which is sparing of his money because the nut has a firm, rock-hard bowl, the cypress the empress or an aristocratic, nice lady, the pomegranate tree a well born, strict and treacly rich man, a strict one because the fruit is firm and spiny - the vine symbolises a woman, the olive tree a happy, friendly and prosperous man, - the apple tree means a woman according to the sweet smell and the noble kind of the fruit, - the shrub, on which cotton grows, calls low, not too wealthy man, Zitrusbaum rich aristocrat because of his fragrance, pear tree friable and a little prosperous person. Everything what one dreams of these trees it is a good or bad person, comes true for the concerning person.
  • Dreaming somebody, he shakes a walnut-tree and collects nuts, he will get of stingy man with effort and strain the finances which this itself has recently acquired.
  • Finding of somewhere nuts without knowing how much these are he will discover an old hoard of gold, - however, he knows, how many these are, he will win just as much gold, but experience excitement.
  • Finding somebody wood of a walnut-tree and carries away it, he will inherit from an elderly man something useful.
  • Picking one of a pomegranate tree a pomegranate and this is sweet, he will attain from an empire big means, however, the apple is sour, fall ill and by a bad guy in bad difficulties get, provided that the apple has been very sour.
  • If his dress in the stings of the pomegranate tree has got stuck and has torn, the dreamer with a prosperous will go to court, - it seems to him, he breaks off the branch in which he got stuck, will win he the process.
  • Rising somebody on an olive tree and picks olives, he becomes of a man who is usually happy and friendly, are badly treated because the olive has an astringent effect.
  • he will spend
  • Eating he also from the olives, according to their amount of sour and bad days.
  • breaks off to sheets of the olive tree, he will be presented by a well-to-do and creditable man with clothes richly.
  • Dreaming one, he collects wool of the cotton plant, he will agree of an another which is not too prosperous according to the amount, which he accumulated, modest finances. If he takes all wool together with the shrub in himself and plants him at another place, he will win a well-behaved, willing farm-hand, provided that he has kept the transplanted shrub.
  • he will make
  • Finding somebody a Zitrusbaum, the acquaintance noble, rich and well beleumundeten man because of the fragrance and the fertility of the tree.
If he picks sheets of the tree, he will attain from such an exquisite man a small property and a good name. If it seems to him, he breaks off fruits, he will generate a son who will ennoble his gender, - the fruits have become decayed, a grief will happen to the son. If one rises on a Zitrusbaum, he will be raised by mighty, well beleumundeten man, - he dreams, he falls down from the tree, he will offend of the Gönner and be tormented.
  • blossoming: the next days will develop for you very happily, -
  • without sheets: although you the evil is pursued you master, -
  • with fruits: honour your parents and is grateful to them, -
  • hinaufklettern: you have had luck, it could also have gone out more badly, -
  • fall down: do not let from your road throw, -
  • sit on it: your respect is raised, -
  • sit under it: unexpected message will spur on you of too new and better activity.
(See also branch,' sheets ',' wood ',' root ',' branch' and single tree names)

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