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Association: - Work on the energy expression, - attack and defence, - aggression. Question: - Where in my life I is to be ready, opener and more receptive?

In general:

Weapon stands in general for aggressiveness, recklessness, strong desires and immature sexuality (above all male youngsters). Further she can warn about disputes and opponents. The useless weapon indicates that one solves problems only with circumspection, not by force. The dream of weapons normally refers to the wish to injure somebody or something. The dreaming has internalised his aggressions, and it is absolutely satisfactory that he dreams of weapons and uses them in the dream against other person instead of realising his aggression really. The kind of the weapon can give explanation about where the real problem is hidden in the life of the dreaming.
  • an arrow means that one is filled by a strong feeling or is injured by somebody verbally or by his action. It is necessary for the dreaming to draw inwards his attention, so that he finds again his pleasant sensation.
  • gun and gun represent after customary interpretation the male sexuality. If a woman dreams of being shot, this is a tip to her wish after or her fear of sexual aggression. If the dreaming himself shoots, he maybe uses his male property to the self-defence.
  • a knife stands for the ability to penetrate injured fabric and to clear away this what torments the dreaming. With the knife the hypocrisy can be 'cut out' controlled which a situation.
  • The sword has different meanings. Clutch and blade which form together a cross symbolise a strong religious system. Moreover, the sword stands for spiritual energy which enables the person to give up unnecessary. The sword in the scabbard is a symbol for in the body living.


With weapons of all kind it concerns the visions which show the male, aggressive driving force. The sexuality is seen as a purely physical process, spiritual or mental areas, as they should seem in every partnership, are disregarded. If they appear in the vision, one wants to repulse with them something that could affect the psychic forces. If a weapon is directed against the dreaming, he should get about that clarity, to what extent he himself contributes to the aggression of his people. Maybe he has raised them against himself. Perhaps, the dreaming has proceeded in a certain situation also voluntarily in the sacrificial role.


Different weapons can symbolise different levels of spiritual strength. The dreaming should use this strength with the proper care.



  • The weapons mean fearlessness before the enemy and the craft of war-experienced men.
  • Dreaming a ruler, he moves in full armament in the field, he will shatter his strongest enemies and acquire big fame in the fight, - a my husband or a pauper will come, in any case, to property and perform something competent in his trade, if the weapons of iron are.
  • Looking somebody known people in weapons which is prepared for the war those men oversized pleasure will take and gain an overpowering victory, - however, the people are unknown to him and the dreaming mighty man, his enemies will press to him hard, - then everything what is unknown means enemies.
  • the spear breaks
  • Practicing to itself one under the eyes of the people in the spear throw, he will win name and respect, provided that he is unerringly in this sport, - his respect will grow pale, and he will lose a member or friend by the death.
  • Dreaming one, he finds or draws a breast tank or leather rage, he will rejoice about the setting of his enemies and become rich thus as the breast tank is difficult.
  • puts on one the one-piece mail, he will get, in any case, in his occupation in the clip if mehrteiligen and from many pieces of compound, according to the huge number of the parts become wealthy and before the enemies be sure, - sits up one a helmet, will show his head strength and steadfastness, - he puts on the so-called arm and splints, he will experience joy and permanence in his farm-hands.
  • Dreaming a woman, them takes in hand a weapon, a spear, a sword, a dagger or arrows, she will bear a boy if she goes pregnant, - the curve means after the interpretation of the Egyptians woman or daughter.
  • weapons deceive
  • Dreaming of the emperors, he and his whole army and feels pride about that, he will take pleasure in his soldiers and this will throw down foreign people.
  • however,
  • Carrying he no weapons, full pride his troops looks himself under weapons he will receive a glad news for which he longs, - however, he looks his troops without weapons, fear and shivering will seize him before the enemies.
  • see or carry: Luck and salutes in view have, - also: you are raised too quickly,
  • look menacing: always point to disputes in the professional life as well as private life,
  • has an eye see: Attention compared with the environment is advisable,
  • shop: would be armed against all attacks by opponents,
  • own: you have grown to your opponents,
  • see themselves in the possession of weapons: one has estimated the wish, and to be feared,
  • lead, so that fight: you have courage and are not intimidated,
  • forge: one wants to undertake something against you,
  • break: deprive themselves of his defensive means, - also: one will shame you,
  • break more different: you can persuade your superiors.


  • a warning signal: The dreaming person must be more circumspect. She should count on one or several opponents and no while rest, because in her immediate surroundings there lurks danger. Inattentiveness they could cost dear. Also she should go forward in dear problems warily, a wrong word could have disagreeable results for her dear life and gender life. And in general the sign wants to ask the dreaming to get more clarity, - about his abilities and skills, means and effect.

(European ones).:

  • almost exclusively sexual meaning: the use of the 'weapons' is welcome, expects, fears,
  • see: Reminder to the care and announcement of quarrel or hostility,
  • (bayonet etc.): if luck and honour,
  • promise
  • broken ones: if bad times indicate, - one tries to defend himself against serious difficulties in vain.


  • of different kind see: you will suffer damage.
  • see: you own a proud sense,
  • own: you will get quarrel,
  • hear jangling: you are timourous,
  • practice themselves in her use: you will reach to honour,
  • see forging: murky times,
  • break: you will be powerless towards your enemies.
  • some other way (arab).
(See also arming, gun, war, submachine gun, knife, sword, etc.)

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