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Full moon

medicine wheel:

Key words: Perfect disappearance of the shadow side, - opportunity to the thorough investigation of the female, - sensuousness, - sexuality, - emotional energy, - intensity. Description: Full moon rules when the moon is visible as a perfect disc in the night sky. General meaning: Readiness for it, by the moon to be influenced, - investigation of the female, - readiness, to investigate the shade in your inside, - understanding of the emotional, - respect for your sensuous nature. Association: - Transcendent meaning: A gift of grandmother Mond.

In general:

The picture of the full moon promises luck in all situations. The dreaming should only watch out not to overestimate himself independently and to become presumptuously concerning what he has already reached in the life.


Symbol of the entirety and the (female) magic forces.



  • see clearly and brightly: Flirtations will make happy you, - all matters will run smoothly and successfully, - (2, - 44)
  • see darkened: your views are clouded,
  • see in red light: in dear problems must blush.

(European ones).:

  • brings advantages in office and dignity.


  • you will reach to your aim.
(See also the thirteenth moon, half moon, menstruation, moon, crescent, new moon)

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