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Fossilization (wood)

medicine wheel:

Key words: Preservation, - detail, - variety, - messenger, - perseverance, - understanding of the earth cycle, - stability, - connection, - bridging structure, - sea tortoise's clan. Description: The fossilization is in the internal circle of the medicine wheel the mineral totem of the tortoise's clan linked with the earth. The fossilization of the wood starts when his structure is influenced by dramatic changes on the earth. There is fossilization in many colours. They are valid as a specific feature because they honour at the same time the plant empire and the mineral empire, because they are stone-become plants. Discs of such fossilization mostly contain pictures from which one thought that they deceive messages from the time in themselves in which the stone was still of wood. General meaning: Investigation of your respect with plant being and mineral being, - old knowledge investigate. Association: A fossilized heart. Transcendent meaning: The ability to connect you with the mineral empire as well as with the plant empire. (See also 'Verknöcherung')

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