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In general:

The seductress is such a powerful picture, for the male one as well as for the female psyche that she can appear in the dream in a lot of disguising. It is the female principle in his blocking and destructive quality: the bad witch or the nice seductress. She has to do the power to deceive illusions, and the ability, others.


A female dreaming meets in the seductress of the negative and destructive side of the female. Understanding is a more adequate reaction to this picture of the fear.


The seductress emits the destructive side of the female. The mythological shape Lilith is her embodiment.



  • become (to any wrong): bad people will cheat you,
  • even somebody: you have secret dear wishes.

(European ones).:

  • Dreaming a young woman to be enticed she is defeated much too fast by the seduction by engaging people.
  • he must take
  • Believing a man to have enticed a girl in eight, because there are people who accuse him illegally. If his beloved is shocked or annoyingly about his applications, the woman beloved by him is flawless. If she gets involved with him, it becomes a victim of her financial claims.


  • become: one holds you for bad,
  • somebody: you have careless acquaintances.

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