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Frustration (annoyance) can embody aggressiveness which leads over and over again to conflicts if one does not control them better. A sullen-close being is also sometimes expressed in it.


(European ones).:

  • is valid for many enemies, opposition and ugly disputes, - one will wake and discover that the matters develop in fatal manner wrong,
  • instigate: one searches disputes,
  • other see sullen: if a sign is for disagreeable activities and bad companions.


  • have: you will reconcile yourself with your enemies,
  • with the neighbours have: avoid hypocrites and flatterers, - they want only your setting,
  • with a superior have: you will be recompensed because of your diligence,
  • with the marriage wife have: Luck and peace live in your house,
  • with the husband have: you must not have always the last word,
  • with the relatives have: one envies you your luck,
  • with the brother have: you can count on your business partner,
  • with the sister have: your success will not keep waiting any more long,
  • with a priest have: respect the order and is not disingenuous,
  • with an old woman have: you will lose by own fault to respect,
  • with strangers have: you will soon see through the falseness of your business partner.

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