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In general:

Every monster who appears in the dream is something what the dreaming has made artificially gigantic. He has personalised something about which he worries to himself and has transformed to a living being. As a rule the monster symbolises the negative respect which the dreaming has to himself and his fear of own feelings and desires in the dream. Enormously expresses fears. Partly it warns about edged out contents of the unconscious which threaten constantly if they are not processed consciously, partly the menace can arise from external living conditions (for example, intentions). If one dreams that one is pressed by a monster of any kind or is pursued, one should turn round and position himself to him. Since the mysterious loses his fright if it is identified. If one sees to the monster directly in the eyes, it is not already so horrific any more and can maybe get even funny trains. It can be an animal who looks wild and menacing, but with which one can finish. If this recognising of the personal monster has happened first of all, one persuades to speak with one: One asks it what wants it, and helps itself, if necessary of '2 chairs technology'. The monster maybe tries to bring in addition, to do something or not to act.


All mythical figures seeming in the dream whether it concerns now dragon, gigantic pins, crocodiles, sea monsters, werewolves or vampire point out the dreaming to moral conflicts and unaware disturbances of his personality. If such dreams appear as frequent and they frighten the dreaming very much, it concerns a very serious warning signal. If with everyday events the relations are not right any more, the person must often suppress his reactions. In the dream this is not possible, hence, the mind of the dreaming finds another way to finish the problem. Often the colour of the monster (see 'colors') can give to him an instruction to it which problem it concerns. A red monster refers to rage (possibly on uncontrollable fury), however, a yellow one can refer to envy and envy. It points to carried too far pleasurable sensations, on the uncurbable of sexual desires, but also to a mental state, on the Aufspeicherung of psychic energy. Who fights in the dream with a monster, is with his feelings in the conflict or fights maybe also against an illness cooker. Healing stands in view if the monster is defeated or disappears very sudden from the vision. If one is afraid of the monster, one should not expect himself in the awake life too much from the people who feel considering to one. Enormously can also appear if mother or father are rejected or the need of the separation exists.


At the spiritual level the monster symbolises the fear of the death and all in the dream what deals with him. A monster can show rather childish fear.



  • see: you will be threatened by a danger,
also: you are too afraid, there is no danger.

(European ones).:

  • danger in enterprises and misfortune,
  • see: if a risky acquaintance tells in.


  • see: menacing evil floats above you.
(See also archetypes,' demons ',' dragon ',' colours ',' crocodile ',' animals')

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