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Feeling of sickness

In general:

In the dream feeling of sickness refers to the fact that the dreaming must get rid of something and, therefore, feels unwell. Feeling of sickness can reflect the actual physical state, but because the stomach is the seat of the feelings, she can also refer to perhaps incriminating feelings. Feeling of sickness interprets the Old-Indian dream apprenticeship as an admonition not to lose the right measure in the life, to ask in particular not too much and to aim.


The body often shows own means and ways to draw the attention of the dreaming to difficulties. Feeling of sickness in the dream maybe refers to a problem, even before it manifests itself physically.


At the spiritual level feeling of sickness in the dream can point out to the fact that the dreaming is affected by something spoilt or putrescent in his inside.



  • feel: you live in messy relations, - also: you should keep to your measure.

(European ones).:

  • registers that one should not enjoy his favourite dish in the excess, - also for woman: a birth announces itself.


  • suffer: is not excessive.
(See also disgust, vomiting, stomach trouble, illness)

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