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Association: - Rise, - striving for higher, - descent, - ground. Question: - To which aim would like I to proceed up or down?

In general:

From meaning in the dream house are natural also the stairs. They should be maintained and be whole, from the same distance of the steps. They connect the different floors of our personality as a symbol. Where in the dream a step is absent or the railing is fragile, passes there in us a piece of 'instability'. Complicated, very complicated stairs or ladders lead to some rooms, - the descent in the cellar or the precipitous rise in the attics in order is not especially frequent. Who goes up a stair in the dream, has a spiritual rise before himself which raises him above the depressions of the external life. But it costs trouble, he has to fight with obstacles. The stair hinuntersteigen can mean relief, because one comes on level ground. A fall of the stair brings disillusionment with itself which very often collapses with waking from the sleep.


The stair is a dream symbol for transitional situations and the connection of the different personality areas of the dreaming. From own strength one pursues an aim. Importantly for the dream interpretation it is whether the dreaming the stair goes up or descends. If he goes up them, this means that he is on the way to a higher consciousness step, the higher wish in spiritual, social and material regard. If it is getting better in the dream on the stair, our position will maybe improve in the awake life, it can be even raised, perhaps, - it goes downhill, warns the unconscious about possible slipping. She connects the different floors of our personality with each other as a symbol. The number of the steps provide information about the length of the way still to be put back. If a step or a part of the railing is absent, this indicates an internal insecurity which it is a matter to remove. Spiral staircases reveal how difficult it is to come upwards in the life.


A stair is the symbol of a trip and a move, her steps mean getting on. Some state that they also indicate dangers.



  • go up: your shops become only slow vorwärtsschreiten,
  • descend: light salary get,
  • fall down: a sorrowful life approaches you, - also: one should recognise a mistake still on time.

(European ones).:

  • see: sends a reminder to pay attention to his call, because he is in danger,
  • go up: one begins a spiritual rise, to one above the depressions of the everyday life hinaushebt, however, one must count on unwieldy obstacles and living conditions, - also: if wealth and luck as well as the fulfilment of a wish forecasts,
  • descend: now after many strains a relief is by view, because one reaches a healthy level, - also: one is with people whom one will soon visit, pretty welcome, - one will have no luck in his matters, - the love relationship will be unfavorable,
  • fall down: one becomes the victim of hatred and envy,
  • of one fall in the depth: one will soon find out a painful disillusionment,
  • wide and nice stairs: if wealth and honour,
  • promises
  • other a stair see descending: Pleasure is edged out of mißlichen circumstances,
  • on a stairway step sit: prophesied slowly growing wealth and joy.


  • go up: you will laboriously have to fight for your existence,
  • descend: your living conditions make amends,
  • see: Joy, advantage.
(See also 'building', 'house', backstairs ',' ladder ',' lift ',' steep tracks ',' floor')

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