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The excavator, as well as bulldozers, tanks and similar machines, are in the dream a symbol for destructive strength. Many symbols change her appearance in the course of the time and adapt themselves to the respective civilisation. In the today's age of the technology the excavator and similar machines have often stepped to the place of the dragon. As a dream symbol he has no other meaning: One should have the courage - or raise the strength - 'to scratch in the surface' and to expose concealed. A request, itself with edged out problems and 'intrinsic values' put apart. If you dig a foundation, furnish just your life anew. Tear off a house, then you must still escape from old ballast, above all from old ideas and views. Clear up thoroughly, control a thing.



  • see, quiescent: One waits for you that you say the necessary words.
  • see working: Now everything goes underneath and about that with you, however, it is to your best.
  • lead: You have in the hand to protect now your luck.

(European ones).:

  • a long protected secret becomes ventilated, - also: One escapes from the things which load to one. The matters of other people should not take up to one so much.
(See also archetypes, dragon)

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