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Exchange / exchange



  • you will come to damage, because nothing better follows.

(European ones).:

  • see: promises that it will become the victim of a deception,
  • carry out: one will be very arrogant,
  • with another article exchange: one must expect business losses and difficulties,


  • protects you from deception.


Who 'falls victim' in the dream events of a deception, is occupied in many cases just to escape from a self-deception (life lie).



  • an ambivalent sign: If you are in the dream the deceived, you may expect in the next time a pleasant surprise. If you deceive, nevertheless, someone else, you must reckon during the next days on being cheated. In general the picture wants to send a reminder to the care and also advise urgently against wanting to be deceptive other in any form. Since with it you would be mistaken first only. (Man

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