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medicine wheel:

Key words: Narrowly, - long, - even innovative, - transforming, - with oxygen fortifying, - enriching, - renewal, - northern soul path. Description: The earthworm is connected in the medicine wheel with the middle position of the northern soul path and with the renewal. This small animal has great importance for the continued existence of the life. Seldom thicker than a small finger, earthworms seem worldwide. They can become very long and be renewed themselves. The digestion of the earthworm gives us the most determining basis of the life: new fertile earth. Earthworms have neither eyes nor, otherwise, an eyesight, but they disappear in the earth if they feel light. They fortify the ground with oxygen, while they eat vorwärtsbewegen and, and this allows again to bacteria to decompose organic materials and to fortify the ground therefore. Earthworms own male as well as female gonads in the one and same body. If an animal becomes bipartite, the remained part copies the in each case being absent one. General meaning: Regeneration, - how one can help the earth, - as you can support the life best of all, - a tip to it, how much also small contributions can have important consequences. Association: Rains, - worm as a contemptuous term of abuse. Transcendent meaning: Transformation.

In general:

Earthworm stands for many enemies and opponents whom one often creates by own recklessness himself.



  • see one: admonishes us not to overlook the quiet diligence of other people and to be more modest even a little, - also: the bad time is to an end, your luck begins,
  • many see: one will find out from other people big esteem and attain from it a considerable advantage for his life. also: Many hands will stir to increase your property.

(European ones).:

  • see one: so long it goes well to one, 'friends' will attend, - also: one should not overlook the quiet diligence of other people and live even a little more modest,
  • look and to the fishing use: Portent of success and profit, - one will go unprincipled and without hesitation his way.


  • see one: you make an acquaintance,
  • many see: Enemies strive for your property.

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