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  • trusts in yourself.
Speech / talk

In general:

Speech (address) can symbolise need to talk to others and craving for recognition, - one maybe wants to crowd in the awake life too much in the foreground. Anyway he would like to work on his environment and influence them in his sense. Then she often warns about the exaggerations with which one falls other on the nerves. Sometimes she points to garrulity. If another holds the speech, warns us before it, to us of somebody discuss to be persuaded. With the interpretation can also matter the contents of the spoken and they in it, perhaps, to contained symbols.


In the dream made speeches register that special feelings and needs should find now her verbal expression. It is the right time to explain to somebody a little bit in detail and without reservation what one has held back till present. If one catches himself in the dream, nevertheless, according to talking, one is at odds with himself.



  • Dreaming of the emperors, a tallness or general, it talked beings and things with him which are not gifted, otherwise, with sounds, will wave to him joy and victory over the enemies, and he will hardly collect himself before astonishment and joy just as about the speech of those which are not mighty of the language.
  • with a tree or domestic animal to speak prophesies to every a lot of money and wealth, he is who wants he.
  • the also victory over his enemies means
  • Speaking one with a wild animal or with a queue, - then the wild animals and queues have hostility with the people.
  • Talking somebody with birds, points to his wealth because of the wings.
  • hold: your talkativeness will cause some inconveniences, - also to you: you have no right in the house,
  • hear: one wants to persuade you to something, is careful,
  • with other people: you have many friends,
  • others talk to us: a reflexion, as one falls other on the nerves,
  • with itself: you are distrustful and lonesome,
  • with birds: you have longing for the love,
  • with dogs: you do not show your good heart,
  • with horses: big, loyal love is answered.

(European ones).:

  • speakers see: Peace, prosperity,
  • talk loudly and nobody listens: be with itself in the quarrel,
  • hold: if an honourable career registers, - points to dissatisfied craving for recognition,
  • other on one talk: this is a reflexion as one falls other on the nerves,
  • listen: admonished to the good, - warning not to let talk round
  • in the spell of a brilliantly speaker be: promises that one gives flatteries too much attention, because one is persuaded to help stranger,
  • she can be impressed
  • Falling in love to herself a young woman in the dream in a speaker, in the love of outward appearances.


  • speakers see: good shops,
  • hold: you will receive an honourary post and win influence,
  • hear: Honour, fame and good shops,
  • with others talk: you are liked,
  • talk without it to know, what: bad times,
  • with animals talk: Grief and worries,
(See also sermon)

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