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Emigration / emigrate


If it is in the dream about an emigration, the dream symbol is especially clear. One presumably hangs in the reality very much on the present living conditions, and it approaches one a really radical change which one only must take. Emigration can also stand for the Lockungen of the distance and the readiness to adventurous actions. The routine should be abandoned. It is also the search for new impulses and mostly also to new partnerships. But it could also be a tip from the subconsciousness before what does one run away, actually, why one does not want to argue with the reality?



  • quick change, - The current position does not suit you, however, improvement is already on the way of.

(European ones).:

  • small commercial changes would be an advantage, - dedicate themselves to no big hopes, - also: forthcoming change in the life, - in the next time wait on a domestic peace and domestic luck.

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