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In the life like in the dream - an internal tension which results from the sensation to be disadvantaged.



  • feel: Uneasiness will strike you, - one should not estimate material values too high, - also: a temptation moves up to you,
  • other envy her financial relations: one will improve his social position,
  • other envy her appearance: a disappointment is to be expected in Nicely,
  • are envied: one will fast achieve his aims, - have great success.


  • an ambiguous sign which stands in general for misunderstood values: If the dreaming envies another person her prosperity, this promises an improvement of his own social position. If he envies, however, somebody his good appearance, he must count on disappointments in the love. If he himself is envied, he is planned for an enviable social position. In general the sign wants to send a reminder not to estimate money and material values too high.

(European ones).:

  • internal tensions to the outside world prove a dissatisfactory life, - means grief and worries,
  • envy somebody: if damage promises by the same,
  • others envy: one will win new friends,
  • are envied: announced the admiration which one will reach in the business, - be blest in love and occupation with luck, - also: one by excessively concerned friends incommodities get.


  • look after: only with all strength you will make progress,
  • envious people have: you are noble-apt.

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