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Association: - Protection, - sometimes qualifying, sometimes protecting, - beauty of the form. Question: - Which feelings must I protect? Which structures do I appreciate?

medicine wheel:

Key words: Cover, - connection with the sea. Description: A mussel has served once a mollusc, a sea creature, as a dwelling. Mussels were estimated by people close to the earth always high and were used as devices, jewellery, in ceremonies as well as when currency. General meaning: Your connection with the sea, - your tools or useful devices, - what you estimate. Association: Female sexual organs, - any hard bowl. Transcendent meaning: A clear understanding of your own hard bowl.

In general:

The mussel in the dream symbolises the defensive means whose the dreaming helps himself not to be injured. As a reaction to preceding injuries the dreaming has maybe got a hard bowl. A soft bowl points to vulnerability. Mussel points therefore to a sensitive, slightly vulnerable and oversensitive personality which is hidden behind a hard external bowl. Now and again she also symbolises a secret which one should protect. Mussels also served once as a currency and can be interpreted in the dream still as such.


The mussel can be seen as a magic symbol which rescues the strength of the transformation in itself. She owns the ability to protect, and is a sort of vessel by which she stands in respect with the female emotional side of the nature. It is a female sexual symbol whose form reminds of the Vulva which from hard bowl umzogene precious object, wants to conquer itself the man for life. Mussels are - also for the woman! - to indicate positively always. A closed mussel points to virginity, frigidity, sometimes, however, on lacking mental maturity.


At the spiritual level the mussel in the dream is a miniature for the expiry of life and death. It is the picture of the grave from which the person will rise one day, a symbol of the fertility.



  • see: points to peaceful times, - symbol for rest and harmony,
  • own with pearl: Presents, also bad news receive or get in embarrassment,
  • look: a happy time is before you,
  • find: Connection with interesting people,
  • blank: to an empty gossip must listen,
  • completely: a happy experience, profit.

(European ones).:

  • see: points to the clarification of a thing which dates back for a long time, - show low prosperity, but satisfaction and domestic joys in, - also: it deal with a stubborn, but honest person,
  • with go for a walk gather: meant ungovernability, - pleasure will leave only remorse and bitter recollections,
  • living ones: if luck means in dear problems,
  • find: means that the dreaming about a longest committed wrong should give clarification,
  • find and open: own, carefully protected secret will or be betrayed revealed,
  • a living fish containing: if means prosperity,
  • an empty one: if is a bad omen, - misfortune,
  • eat: points to joy at the well-being of another,
  • Eating a young woman with her lover baked mussels, she will take pleasure of his wealth, but also his trust.


  • have: you will have to take over a heavy responsibility,
  • find: Embarrassment from those you can escape only with a lot of trouble,
  • empties: Loss,
  • full ones: favorable success.
(See also oyster, virgin, snail, snail house)

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