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Moon (Selene)

Association: - Emotions, - reflexion, - internal. Question: - Which feelings do I reflect?

medicine wheel:

Key words: Shadow side, - dreams, - visions, - intuition, - extrasensory talents, - sensuousness, - sexuality, - the female nature. Description: The moon or grandmother moon is in the internal circle of the medicine wheel the position which is connected with the element water. With many people close to the earth the moon symbolises a part of the female nature of the life. This part is the intensive, emotional shadow side of the female. From the moon one says, he is like the women, as he has a cycle, - was often spoken of him as from the grandmother Mond and as the leader of the female life. The menstruation was called by many Indians the lunar time. The influence of the grandmother moon can be felt especially strongly in a woman who bleeds. It means that a man understands the energy of the menstruellen cycle best of all if he exposes himself to the energy of the moon, above all if he renounces, besides, sleep. With grandmother Mond are connected the mineral moonstone, the plant sagebrush, animal Seetaucher and the colours Silver and White. General meaning: Understand of your extrasensory abilities, - work with your sexuality, - understanding of the female side of your being and/or your shadow side, - investigation of your feelings, - new connection with the moon and with the energy of the moon. Association: Addicted to moon, - lunar eclipse. Transcendent meaning: A vision or a dream time revelation. During the menstruation women often have the dreams of the moon which can be very powerful.

In general:

The moon has always explained emotional, female Itself. In addition, he encloses the intuition, the psychic, longing, mind, feeling wealth, the love and the romantic. If a dream of the moon acts, the dreaming with these dark and puzzling aspects is his Itself in contact. The moon in the dream can also symbolise the mother of the dreaming and his respect with her. According to the accompanying circumstances one can interpret him, for example, as follows:
  • moon see announces changes in the life which are favorable or unfavorable.
  • finally,
  • The new moon is a symbol for the preparation of big plans.
  • The waxing moon a sign for the fact that one will win in the awake life in respect and validity - if he has especially brightly shone, an interpretation points after already famously former in the antiquity the to luck, wealth and growing prosperity.
  • of full, clear moon stands for success and respect and refers to a happy phase of the dreamer.
  • moon with court can announce losses or warn about people who meet not favorably.
  • moon behind clouds announces disappointment and grief.
  • blood-red moon is understood as a serious warning sign.
  • waning moon stands for failures which are to be got over, however, easily, or for the separation of a person. Then one should make on time provision, so that the compiled prosperity is still preserved henceforth.
  • of the sky falling moon warns about big difficulties and misfortune.
  • The dreaming who holds a lunar disc in the hand should have Phaldors luck with a nice woman (Mrs. Luna) according to opinion, while the moon reminds a dreamer of her own sexual advantages which she can bring towards the man into the play.
  • in the Indian mythology the moon is called drinking bowl, as the motherly symbol which promises strength and in which one can immerse himself to the meditation.


It is the light of the unconscious. This works the moon on the psyche of the person, is an old wisdom. He has in all religions of our society the symbolic meaning for the femininity, thus also in the dream. His respect with the cycle of the woman and her moods is known. In primeval times one supposed that he steers the feelings of the men and the intuition of the women. If the moon appears in the dream of a man, he must come either with his intuitive side or with his fear of women to the pure one. In the dream of a woman the moon refers as a rule to her respect with other women. The single phases of the dreamt moon can be evaluated as a token of the change in other positions, so absolutely positively.


At this level the moon in the dream symbolises the big mother and the dark, unknown side. He can also stand for the inaccessible. It is a symbol of the dependence, the female principle, the change and the growth, the biological rhythms and the passing time.


Of a woman dreamt, she looks in the moon three pictures of themselves. She bore female triplets, but everybody three died in the same moon. (Greek men means month as well as moon. The year was in the antiquity first a lunar year of 355 days, the antique months shorter than the today's ones. The Greeks compensated the difference originating from it against the solar run by switch months.) The pictures the children symbolised it because, however, a circle held them surrounded. Since with a caul, as the doctors say, the embryos were protected. Because of the moon, however, they remained no longer live. It dreamt somebody, he sees his own face in the moon. The man undertook a trip in a distant country and spent most time of his life on wanderings and abroad, - then the everlasting movement of the moon should pull him in her spell. It dreamt somebody, he rises with the sun at the same time and keeps the same pace with the moon. He was hung, and thus saw him the sun and also moon with the rising high dangling in the air.



  • The moon means, as said, the man mightiest according to the emperor,
  • Dreaming one, the moon rises beaming in his house, he will win favour and support of the mightiest man according to the emperor, - the dreaming is single, he will marry the woman after his heart and become well-to-do.
  • Leading one in the dream the lunar disc in his house or he has them in his power, he will order about wealth and power of the most high-powered man and dispose by his will.
  • Donating the moon to the dreaming or his house Light, he or his gender of the emperor's grace will learn.
  • Seeing he the moon grimly and without light, he will take to his disaster and ruin a woman, also he will be soon punished by the emperor, - a my husband dreams this, will meet the evil the emperor.
  • the moon becomes clear again and gets he his old light, will appeal that again to the court and be started in his high position.
  • rising: love waits for you visual-addicted,
  • full moon: happy and loyal love find, - one should not be deceived from outward appearances not if one wants to come to his aim, - quiet, sure luck,
  • of a court surround: your surroundings are not frank against you, - you are surrounded by falseness, - one umlauert you and wants to damage to you,
  • half moon: if nothing good promises in love relationships,
  • lunar quarter: points to good news in the foreseeable future,
  • decreasing crescent: your hope will not be fulfilled, - your destiny will turn, - difficulties in planned enterprises agree which cannot be possibly carried out,
  • in the last quarter: Infidelity,
  • increasingly: Death of high man, - favours all business plans and lets wishes come true, - (33, - 19)
  • with the sun: you will get to know a pretty girl,
  • clearly seeming: Luck,
  • darkens: Jealousy will torment you, - dear quarrel, - something dark is spun against you,
  • red: War, - danger and loss,
  • of the sky falling: happy events,
  • going out: your hope has deceived you,


  • The moon calls the man mightiest according to the emperor.
  • he will attain
  • Looking somebody the moon in the sky in full light, from the emperor Gunst and wealth,
  • a man the moon sees
  • very near or seems to it him, he holds him in his garment ball or in the hand, he becomes a lovely woman would drive home, if the lunar disc has been full, a woman will marry equally a kind man.
  • Donating the moon to the dreaming or his house Light, he or his gender of the emperor's grace will learn.
  • Seeing he the moon grimly and without light, he will take to his disaster and ruin a woman, also he will be soon punished by the emperor, - a my husband dreams this, will meet the evil the emperor.
  • a friendly omen: The full moon symbolises unusual joys in the love, the half moon prophesies business success, the crescent fun-loving times. All together the moon reminds us of the fact that it can be lived in the harmony with the laws of the nature best of all. (Woman

(European ones).:

  • with men the female Aktivum inside, - harder, male women dream of the moon than female balance,
  • see: Signs for a change or a change,
  • in a clear sky seeming: if Li> promises success,
  • of a court see surrounding: if Li> warns about bad people,
  • the full moon which is surrounded by a court: if announces loss of respect or the destruction of hope,
  • of clouds covers: meant bad health and other interruptions of the well-being,
  • a sombre and uncanny moon: if Li> means unfavorable love relationships, misfortune at home and disappointments in the professional life,
  • see fully seeming: means that one will experience joy and win money,
  • full moon, purely seeming: Success, recognition and public honour or reaching of a high aim is announced,
  • new moon: Commercial success, all the best what one begins at this time will be successful, - prosperity and harmonious marriage,
  • half moon: in the love one has to expect nothing good,
  • decreasing which is clear and pure: Failing of an enterprise or enterprise in, without one comes, besides, to damage,
  • the first quarter, increasing: if advantage brings in office and dignity, also enterprises are still right well,
  • the last quarter: Death of a friend,
  • see disappearing behind clouds: murky hours will come,
  • see which throws itself down fast fort or there and herbewegt or: Announcement of a great danger in which one will get,
  • increasing, with court: the success will enter only after overcoming bigger obstacles or difficulties,
  • decreasing, clearly without court see: one should still wait rather, because at the moment the plans simply do not succeed,
  • decreasing which is surrounded with a court: the failing will also bring personal damage or disadvantage with itself,
  • more setting: if a local change promises,
  • see being reflected in the water: if loyalty break means to the lovers, - with smooth and quiet water surface this one nice or successful trip or success and profit promises by a trip more different, - with moved water surface misfortune and bad luck on travelling or misfortune threatens in connection with the trip of an another,
  • go for a walk in the moonlight: if Li> announces a dear greeting,
  • then
  • Turning a young woman to the moon to find out her destiny will get married them soon your chosen. If she sees two moons, it will lose her lover by her greed. If the moon becomes weaker, it will lose her highest luck for lack of female sensitiveness. A blood-red moon announces war, and her lover will move to defend his country.


  • see: you will make a nice acquaintance,
  • with the sun see: try to those which were up to now good to you to improve the life,
  • see bloody: War danger,
  • see half: any high personality will die,
  • decreasing: Grief over a person,
  • increasing: quick marriage,
  • see dark: your love is not heard,
  • of the sky fall: you have a very good meeting on travelling,
  • of clouds covers: something is not right in your family.
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